Seaside Hospital

The Seaside Hospital is a location from Mega Man Battle Network 3, a hospital found in Beach Street. Mamoru is treated in this hospital, and Lan met him when Yai Ayanokoji got hurt during the N1 Grand Prix semi finals. The hospital was later attacked by Anetta and PlantMan.

There is a giant tree named the "Tree of Life" (イノシの木) in the center of the building that is sustained by machinery in the basement. Yuichiro Hikari was treated here after a fire accident caused by Mr. Match in Scilab.

The hospital has three floors, a beach front, and is run by high powered computers.


  • Shoreline (しおさいかいがん)
  • Hospital Lobby (病院ロビー, "Hosp Lobby")
  • Hospital 2F (病院2F)
  • Hospital Room (病室, "Hosp Room")
  • Hospital 3F (病院3F)
  • Basement (地下室)

List of Items

  • RegUp2: On the monument outside the hospital that says "Seaside Hospital of Life" (イノシはぐくむ かんがんびょういん, "life nurturing live cancer hospital").
  • SpinOrng: Girl hidden in the shore to the left. She isn't present in early events.
  • Poltergeist G: Ghost Navi hidden in basement.

Internet areas

TV Comp

The TV's Computer (テレビの電脳 "TV Comp") is in the hospital's lobby.

Viruses: Momogro, Heavy, N.O, WindBox

B.Mystery Data: Recover 120*

Vending Comp

The Vending Machine's Computer (じはんきの電脳 "Vending Comp") is in the hospital's lobby.

Viruses: MegaBunny, Penga, Slimey

B.Mystery Data: 9000 Zenny

Bed Comp

The Bed's Computer (ベッドの電脳 "Bed Comp") is in the left bed from the hospital room.

Viruses: Mushy, Mashy, Canodumb2, Totem, Needler

Hosp Comp

The Hospital's Computer (びょういんの電脳 Byouin no Dennou, "Hosp Comp") is the large growth device in the basement. It uses cutting-edge technologies to monitor the Tree of Life and maintain ideal growth conditions. The computer is attacked by PlantMan to make the tree grow out of control, blocking some paths from the hospital.

Viruses: Mettaur2, Viney, HardHead, Totem, Needler



Tree of Life in the roof.

  • The Tree of Life is said to go out through the hospital's roof, and although it is present in the map from Perfect Navigation books, it is not present in the game itself, probably due to being impossible to see the roof by normal means.
  • Despite the similar name, there is no known affiliation with Seaside Hospital with the Seaside Town.
  • The Green Town from Mega Man Battle Network 6 also has a giant tree.

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