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The Mega Man X2 Armor, also known unofficially as the Second Armor or Giga Armor by fans, is the second Armor that Mega Man X obtains in the Mega Man X series. It made its first appearance in Mega Man X2.


  • Head Part: The Item Tracer is made available. X sends out a cursor, which zooms to concealed passages and items. Interestingly, although the Item Tracer has an unlimited number of uses, it displays an ammo gauge while equipped. In Mega Man Xtreme 2, this just grants X the ability of breaking bricks with his head.
  • Body Part: Enables the "Giga Crush" technique; as X takes damage, a gauge fills. When this gauge is completely full, X can use the aforementioned attack, which damages all enemies on screen. All energy is used after the attack, and unlike X's normal weapons, it doesn't refill after completing a stage. Additionally, X receives only 50% of the damage normally taken.
  • Arm Part: X gains a second X-Buster, and can attain four charge levels. When the third is reached, X fires out super-shots from each arm cannon, though the shots cannot be crossed as they do in Mega Man X3. It also allows him to charge special weapons. (In Mega Man Xtreme 2, it acts more like the Third Armor's Arm Parts.) This function is re-used in Mega Man ZX's "Model X."
  • Foot Parts: X can perform an air-dash technique. However, he cannot utilize both an air-dash and a dash jump in the same jump. In Mega Man Xtreme 2, it also allows an upwards dash.
  • Shouryuken: Another armor bonus for gathering all upgrades, this grants X a flaming uppercut that he can use at full strength. Like the Hadouken, it can one-hit kill almost any enemy.

Location of Armor Parts


Location of the Body Parts.

Mega Man X2 locations:

  • Head Part: In Crystal Snail's stage. After passing through the sub-boss and dashing through the downhill section, slide along the left wall on the hole to find a hidden passage with the capsule in it.
  • Body Part: In Morph Moth's stage. Near the beginning of the stage, just after entering the building, use the Spin Wheel to cut through a portion of the floor. The Head Part's Item Tracer system will make this easier.
  • Arm Part: In Wheel Gator's stage. In the first vertical passage upon entering the tank. X may use the Leg Part to air-dash onto a vertical beam jutting out of the ceiling, and then air-dash off of that to the vertical passage. Climb up the wall to reach the Capsule. It is also possible to dash-jump off of the nearby wall and use the Strike Chain to latch onto the wall or use the Giga Crush attack after collecting the Body Part (as the attack allows X to rise in the air a little bit), but both of these strategies are difficult maneuvers to pull off as it requires precise timing to reach the vertical passage to climb it, however there is a nearby enemy to fill up the energy for either of these strategies if necessary.
  • Leg Part: In Overdrive Ostrich's stage. Perform a dash jump to reach a ledge above the last hallway leading to the boss room. Use the Spin Wheel to destroy the cubes blocking the way.

Mega Man Xtreme 2 locations:

  • Head Part: Neon Tiger's stage. It's easily visible during the floating platform section. Fire Wave is needed to open the way to it.
  • Body Part: Launch Octopus's stage. It can be found by destroying the battleship and fighting the Utuboros guarding it, where the Life Up was in the original version.
  • Arm Part: Flame Mammoth's stage. Shortly after the initial conveyer belt section, a section of breakable blocks can be seen. Use the Helmet to get to them. Its location is exactly where they were in the original SNES version of the stage.
  • Foot Part: Volt Catfish's stage. After the first vertical climb, keeping climbing all the way up to it.






Double Charge Shot

Double Charge Shot.

  • Although it might be a glitch, the leg upgrade in the SNES version gives X the ability to jump on water. The same goes for the Third Armor.
  • In the manga adaptation of Mega Man X2, the Second Armor is heavily damaged in the battle against the X-Hunters and a brainwashed Zero, causing X to discard the armor piece by piece as they're left unusable. X eventually reverts to his original armor during the fight with Zero, and wears it into the battle against Neo Sigma.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, when X uses his hyper combo "Armor of Light" his "Full-Power Charge Shot" hyper combo changes into the "Double Charge Shot," which is something that started with his Second Armor.
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