"Tell me, Thomas, if you say the word unity enough, do you think it will actually be the truth?"
—Sgt. Night, Throwing Shade Part I

Sgt. Breaker Night is the main antagonist of Mega Man: Fully Charged. He has no video game counterpart. Sgt. Night plans to restart the human-robot war that took place during the Hard Age, using enemy robots such as Fire Man to do his dirty work while he remains undetected. In public, he gives frequent anti-robot rallies and believes humans and robots cannot live together. During the events of Lightfall Parts 1 and 2, it is revealed Breaker can convert himself into a powerful, fully robotic form called Lord Obsidian.

Sgt. Night took part in a long-forgotten conflict between humans and robots known as the Hard Wars.

In the Season 1 Finale he is finally exposed as the mastermind behind the Robot Masters and arrested for his crimes.


Sgt. Night is a tall human with spiky black hair, a beard, and a dark gray outfit with red trim. He has a mechanical right arm.

As Lord Obsidian, he has black spiky armor with his facial hair molded onto it, with jet blades (that can transform into laser guns) on his back and arms. His right arm is red, just like Sgt. Night's normal prosthetic arm.


Sgt. Night is a charismatic leader who uses his persuasive abilities to rally humans to his cause and manipulate robots into doing his bidding to get humans to hate them as much as he does.

As Lord Obsidian, though, he is an insanely powerful and dangerous fighter. Aside from being very agile and able to punch and kick really hard, Lord Obsidian also has a huge flail and a pair of laser cannons that drain the energy of robots when they're hit; he wields both weapons with very high proficiency.


Sgt. Night is cold, bold, defiant, and direct, but does manage a certain charm – until he's angry, then he is commanding and the militaristic barking of orders begins. He wants revenge on a world he believes betrayed him, most especially the Light family, and Mega Man. He doesn't believe that humans and robots can coexist, as he views robots as tools and considers humans superior as they created robots.

A smooth but direct villain, Night is charismatic enough to persuade followers and manipulate robot minions without the need for force. However, at the drop of a hat he changes: a would-be emperor. He knows loss and wears it like a cold suit of armor.[1]



  • His surname, Night, is antonymous to and rhymes with Dr. Light's name; referencing the two's contrasting beliefs in human-robot relations. "Sergeant Breaker" may be a play on "circuit breaker".
  • In Big Bad Dreams it is implied that Sgt. Night knows Mega Man's secret identity. It is unknown how he found out.
    • The secret identity knowledge of Sgt. Night goes even deeper at the end of Change the Charge.
  • He is similar to Xander Payne from the Archie Comics. Like Xander, Night hates robots and believes humans to be superior, yet he also has a robotic arm.
    • His Lord Obsidian identity is based upon King, the robot revolutionist from Mega Man & Bass, though King reformed after being defeated while Sgt. Night is unrepentantly evil.
  • He speaks with a Southern accent, similar to how Fire Man does in Mega Man: Powered Up.


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