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"Defeated by the robotic memento of Light yet again... Such regret..."
—Serges, Mega Man X2 (Japanese version)

Serges, known as Sagesse (サーゲス Sāgesu) in Japan, is the leader of the X-Hunters, a group in Mega Man X2 formed to counter X and the Maverick Hunters.[1] He and his fellow X-Hunters fight to avenge Sigma and resurrect Zero as a Maverick under their control.


Serges is a hunchbacked Reploid with primarily blue armor. He is elderly in appearance, possessing a large metal moustache, a beard, and five spikes of hair. One of his eyes is large and circular, like a monocle. Like the other X-Hunters, his feet are pointed at the tips. He normally wears a black cape with a purple lining and a black hat reminiscent of an ushanka, but discards them for battle.

A brilliant Reploid scientist with a genius compared to a legendary mad scientist,[2][3] Serges' vast intellect makes him an integral part of Sigma's Maverick army. It seems that he came up with the plan for the unification of Zero's parts to resurrect and use him for their own purposes, also upgrading Zero's body and creating the Z-Saber.[4] However, he lacks physical strength, so he rides machines such as a flying pedestal and a tank to attack. He appears to know more about X and Zero's pasts than he lets on.

In the English version, Serges seems to hold Zero's resurrection to an almost religious fervor, as he claims in the first encounter that the "unification" of Zero would be for the good of all, and when being defeated for the final time, he is adamant that the prophecy relating to Zero needed to be fulfilled. In the Japanese version, Serges is more level-headed and refers to X as a "memento of Light", drawing a mysterious connection between him and Dr. Wily. He also was implied to be aware of the original Mega Man and his initial identity as Rock, as when first contacting the Maverick Hunters to challenge them for Zero's parts, Serges specifically mistakes X for Rock before correcting himself hastily.


Mega Man X2[]

Nothing is known of Serges' past. He is the head of the X-Hunters, who took over Sigma's rebellion in his absence to continue the war on humanity. The rebellion laid low at first, quietly analyzing X and the Maverick Hunters, while Serges worked on recovering and upgrading the parts of Zero's body as part of the Unification project. However, without Zero's control chip they could not fully resurrect him.

MMX2 XHunter Meeting

Serges and the X-Hunters discuss their plans.

Six months after Sigma's defeat, Serges and the X-Hunters put their plans into motion. Under Serges' command, the Mavericks begin producing leagues of soldiers and destroy over one hundred Maverick Hunters in two weeks.[5] In retaliation, the Maverick Hunters trace the source of the Mavericks to an old factory in the desert. The X-Hunters watch the siege from afar in their Arctic fortress, affirming that they will not underestimate X. They deploy eight dangerous SA-Class Mavericks to wreak havoc in the area around Hunter Base, making the rebellion public once more.[6]

Once X destroys two of the eight Mavericks, Serges and the X-Hunters grow anxious. They challenge X to a series of duels, using the rebuilt parts of Zero's body as bait. Serges is the second to stop awaiting X's arrival among the stages, but if X defeats him before he leaves, he will relinquish one third of Zero's body - his head - before retreating.

If X fails to retrieve all three of Zero's parts, Serges and the X-Hunters raid Hunter Base to take Zero's parts and control chip by force. Serges then reassembles Zero and reactivates him as a deadly Maverick, allowing Sigma to use him against X later in the game.

Serges reappears as the boss of X-Hunter Stage 2 to challenge X again, this time piloting a large combat vehicle. X defeats him, and Serges cryptically mentions a prophecy before exploding.[7]

Mega Man Xtreme[]

Serges reappears as a data recreation within Sigma Stage 2, being the only X-Hunter to do so. He seems to have no will or thoughts of his own, being composed only of battle data. X defeats him and moves on.



When encountered in a hidden room, Serges rides a floating platform. He discards his cape before the battle, which deals minor damage (and charges the Giga Crush, if available) if the player holds still and lets it hit them. Serges then hovers back and forth laying up to five mines on the floor, occasionally leaping into the air to fire laser bullets.

Serges' platform carries a barrier that activates whenever Serges stands still and the player presses the FIRE button; this means it activates while a shot is charged, but not when it is released. The player can use this to their advantage with the Arm Parts, saving their second Charge Shot for when he's vulnerable. Similarly, if the player charges Silk Shot, Serges will pause and laugh for as long as the button is held, giving the player an opportunity to attack without pressing the button.

Serges' weakness is the Sonic Slicer. Instead of striking Serges directly with a Sonic Slicer, the player can ricochet it off a wall to hit him while his barrier is down.

MMX2 Serges LandMine Land Mine (地雷 Jirai)[3]
Serges plants a land mine below his platform. If the entire floor is covered in mines, he will stop using this attack.
Damage: 4
MMX2 Serges RingLaser Ring Laser (リングレーザー Ringu Rēzā)[3]
Serges performs a backflip, emitting laser blasts while spinning.
Damage: 1

Serges Tank[]

In X-Hunter Stage 2, Serges appears piloting an enormous machine called the Serges Tank (サーゲスタンク)[8] that takes up the right side of the screen, with four platforms floating over a sheet of spikes. Serges attacks by following the player's vertical position with his pod and firing whichever turret is closest. After two of the turrets are destroyed, he will close in and destroy two platforms. Once all four turrets are destroyed, the front of the tank opens to expose Serges as he continues to attack with a splitting beam.

The Giga Attack is very effective, as it is one of the quickest ways to tear the machine open to expose Serges. This also has the benefit of causing him to destroy only one platform instead of two, giving the player room to maneuver during the second stage of the battle. Charged Silk Shot, Sonic Slicer, Speed Burner, and Magnet Mine are also good choices.

In Mega Man Xtreme, he is weak to Speed Burner and Rolling Shield.

MMX2 SergesTank Turret1 Turret 1 (砲台1 Hōdai 1)[8]
Serges fires a bullet that bounces along the floor.
Damage: 3
MMX2 SergesTank Turret2 Turret 2 (砲台2 Hōdai 2)[8]
Serges fires a bullet that curves like a boomerang.
Damage: 3
MMX2 SergesTank Turret3 Turret 3 (砲台3 Hōdai 3)[8]
Serges fires a bullet that homes in on the player.
Damage: 3
MMX2 SergesTank Turret4 Turret 4 (砲台4 Hōdai 4)[8]
Serges fires a fast horizontal laser.
Damage: 3
MMX2 SergesTank SplitBullet Split Bullet (分振弾 Bunfu Dan)[8]
Now exposed, Serges fires a slow bullet that splits into an X or + shape.
Damage: 3

Other appearances[]

  • Serges, along with the other X-Hunters, has a short cameo appearance in the animated opening scene of the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC versions of Mega Man X3.
  • The X-Hunters also make a cameo appearance in the opening cutscene of Mega Man X5.
  • Serges appeared in Battle Memory from Rockman Xover.
  • Serges appeared as an unit card in TEPPEN.


Mega Man X2 stats[]

  • Power: 10300rp
  • Speed: 12300rp

Other media[]

Rockman X2 (manga)[]

In the Rockman X2 manga, Serges first appears alongside the other Counter Hunters, watching X after he defeats Wire Sponge. He calls X "his keepsake", referring to X's relationship with Zero, and Agile accuses him of only caring about Zero. After X destroys Flame Stag, he and Agile introduce themselves in person, and once Violen steals Zero's body from Dr. Cain, Serges repairs and reactivates Zero at Sigma's orders.

Serges is next seen with Agile in the Counter Hunter Base. Once X arrives and is about to defeat Violen in a coliseum, the two step in to turn the tables against him. Serges' mines hinder X's movement, while Violen powers through them and Agile nimbly steps around them. They then start a game, deciding that whoever finishes X wins. However, X defeats them simultaneously by blinding them with a Giga Crush, striking Serges and Agile with a Double Charge Shot, and stabbing Violen with Agile's saber. Serges, bisected at the waist on the ground, laughs and activates his trump card: a set of orbital space cannons targeting every country in the world. Zero arrives just in time to finish him off, but only to reveal that he is now a Maverick too.

Archie Comics[]

Serges later appeared alongside various other Mavericks in the Worlds Unite crossover between the Archie Comics Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog lines. He and the X-Hunters invaded the world of Monster Hunter, only to be dismantled by a Gore Magala. Notably, Serges is shown firing blasts from an arm buster, an ability never used in any other material.


  • "This is their leader. His name is Mega Man X."
  • "Our Mavericks will keep him busy until we are ready."
  • "Collection is preceding as scheduled. However, we are having problems with the control chip."
  • "I am not sure our Mavericks can hold him long enough. We may have to intervene."
  • "Greetings. We have all of Zero's parts."
  • "I am Serges and I cannot allow you to stop the unification! It is for the good of all!" (First encounter.)
  • "You have merely delayed the inevitable. We will meet again..." (First encounter, defeated.)
  • "This is impossible! The prophecy must be fulfilled!" (Second encounter, defeated.)



  • "Serges" (サーゲス Sāgesu) derived from the French word Sagesse ("wisdom" サジェス Sajesu), given that Violen and Agile follow the same naming convention. This is also reflected in the name of his second boss fight being romanized as "Sagesse Tank" instead of "Serges Tank". Both are valid translations of the original Japanese text.
  • The English translation of his name may be based off of the Russian name Sergei, given that his hat bears a resemblance to a Russian ushanka.


X2 Password Serges

Serges in the Password screen.

  • Serges appears in the menu to mock the player if they input an invalid Password in Mega Man X2.
  • There is a prominent theory that Serges is a robotic avatar of Dr. Wily. Although the localizations of Mega Man X2 remove all references to this, in the original Japanese version, Serges is the only character in the entire X series to refer to Dr. Light by name, as his final words are "Being defeated by the robotic memento of Light yet again... Such regret...".[9] When contacting the Hunters, amid the initial radio distortion, Serges also refers to X as "Rockman X" ("Rock... e.. X..."[9]); in contrast to the U.S. releases, in Japan no one else ever called him anything but "X". Sigma also claims that he discovered Zero is "destined to follow him", later clarifying that this is because Zero is one of Wily's Numbers ("However, Zero.. why... he was.. the last of... Wi.. Num.. bers....",[9]), implying Serges informed him of such. Most importantly, Serges was the one who rebuilt Zero's body and upgraded to him his completed state, per his original blueprints as seen in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. Given there's no explanation for how he obtained these blueprints, and that Zero's internal systems are considered a mystery as far as Mega Man X5, these feats might be explained by Serges being Wily. The Japan-only book Compendium of Rockman X acknowledges this theory, even specifying that he resembles "a legendary mad scientist who terrorized the world."[3]
    • Much like Wily, Serges strictly utilized vehicles in combat, rather than fighting directly. The name "Serges Tank" is the same naming convention used for most of Wily's vehicles, and is similar to several of them in design.
    • Contradicting the theory of Serges being Wily, in Mega Man X5 Sigma mentions having "recently acquired a new partner" in "an old man" who "created quite a few robots" and whom Zero has met "in his dreams";[10][11] these statements among other evidence indicate this partner was Dr. Wily. However, if Sigma was aware Serges was Wily, then he would not have described him as a "new" partner.
    • However, this is only a contradiction if one assumes Wily wouldn't keep his true identity a secret from Sigma during the events of X2, or at least not felt the need to fully reveal himself during that time for whatever reason. It could simply be possible that he didn't want to reveal his identity to Sigma until the events of X5.
    • Keiji Inafune has said he would like not to answer whether Serges is Wily in order to leave imagination and fun for players.[12][13] On the other hand, he immediately clarified that Dr. Weil is not Wily. This is also seen as a compelling argument in favor of this theory.
  • Branching off the Serges and Dr. Wily theory, another theory suggests that Wily is a stream of consciousness that transfers Reploid bodies. This would explain why both Serges and Isoc from Mega Man X6 share so many traits with Wily and such deep knowledge of Zero's systems. This theory hinges on Isoc's fate, as his "soul" mysteriously leaves his Reploid body, implying Wily's consciousness moved on. Furthermore, in Zero's version of the cutscene a mysterious voice, labeled as "??" and speaking in Isoc's voice, calls Zero the strongest "robot" rather than "Reploid". This is similar to how Serges, in the Japanese version of X2, is the only character to refer to X as "Rockman" rather than "X".


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