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Servbot Borer, known as Kobun Mole (コブンモール Kobun Mōru) in Japan, is a small drilling machine created by Tron Bonne that is piloted by a Servbot.


The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

In levels 2 and 3 of Mission 3, one of the three Servbots that Tron sends to Shala-Kun Ruins pilot a Servbot Borer to open passages on cracked walls and dig deeper into the ruins. Some walls are to hard for the Servbot Borer pass through, but it can be upgraded with the Super Drill and Hyper Drill found in the ruins to open the passages. The piloting Servbot's Attack rating is the only to affect the Servbot Borer.

Mega Man Legends 2

In Saul Kada Island, three Servbots pilot modified Servbot Borers (コブンモール改 Kobun Mōru Kai) to assist Blitzkrieg in the battle against Mega Man Volnutt. They rise from the sand and attack Mega Man by charging in his direction, and can launch themselves up to reach him in high areas. When a Servbot Borer is destroyed, the Servbot inside runs away and shortly another Servbot Borer shows up, appearing endlessly until Blitzkrieg is defeated. They stop appearing if all three Servbots stay in a place Mega Man can see them, the easiest way being knocking them out and throwing them near Blitzkrieg when it is with the statue. However, they will return if they stay out of sight for too long.

Other appearances

Servbot Borers are piloted by some of the Servbots that appear in the attack Lunch Rush in Namco × Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. It also appears in Project × Zone.