Shan (シャン) is a minor character in MegaMan NT Warrior. He is a member of Team Thunder who steals Lan Hikari's PET with MegaMan inside with Hatto and Pooh. Lan gives chase, and though Shan and his friends manage to allude and stall him, they run into a fence, letting Lan catch up. Raoul comes and makes the boy return Lan's PET, and the three boys watch Lan and Raoul net battle. When Mayor Daryl tries to destroy Heaven City's downtown, Shan helps his fellow Team Thunder members drive him off. He, Raoul, and the other kids see Lan off as he leaves Netopia. MegaMan Stolen!

When Mr. Match arrives at Netopia in his pursuit of Lan, Shan informs him that Lan has left already, to Match's frustration. Later he waits impatiently for his food when Match takes up a job at the food stall Lan first met Shan at to raise funds to keep pursuing Lan. SnakeMan's Survival Seven

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