Shanka is a minor character that appears in Rockman.EXE Stream. She is a childhood friend of Dingo who first appears in a museum when Dingo (as well as Narcy Hide and Asteroid VideoMan.EXE) attempts to steal a totem pole that belonged to their village, not knowing the totem was going to be returned anyway and that Shanka was there on behalf of the village to retrieve it. In the past, the two spent most of their time together until one day Dingo disappeared just before the marital arts tournament to decide the village’s next leader began, Shanka stating he left because he hates losing.

Young Shanka and Dingo.

Shanka was present when a fake VideoMan sets off the anti-theft barrier around the totem and collapses, revealing a decoy that spewed a smokescreen. Narcy steals the totem, and Shanka, Rin Manabe, and Netto Hikari pursue them down the tunnel that was left, finding Dingo’s tomahawk on the way.

She is present when Netto, Manabe, and Seishin Kifune were going over the items the Neo WWW had stolen, and joins Netto and Charlie Airstar in trying to find the criminals. The three hit multiple campsites before Dingo uses a method of writing “SOS” with campfire smoke that the two once used when they were young, and finds them. Shanka uses Dingo’s tomahawk to free him, but FlashMan uses his Spark Arm to cut the rope ladder her and Netto were hanging off of, though she is saved when Netto cross fuses.

She then aids in helping Dingo save the totem by using his tomahawk attached to a rope to bind Narcy’s hands, keeping Narcy from operating VideoMan and helps Dingo pull the totem from the resulting fire caused by destroying the machine’s control chip.

She is there when Dingo confesses to his crimes for trying to steal the totem, and later in the airport asks why he left the village. Dingo reveals he didn’t leave because he would have lost the marital arts tournament, but because of Duo’s comet. Oath of the Tomahawk

Later, she asks Dingo if he is going to fight Duo, which he states he is, and will protect the planet and her, and she tells him to return safely. The two clack their tomahawks together as the sunsets. Colonel Barrel

Shanka in the season finale's credits.

In the final episode of Stream, she makes a very brief appearance as Duo annihilates the planet and all life on it. She is restored when Barrel and Colonel.EXE cross fuse with Duo.EXE to make him understand the bond between humans and NetNavis. She makes one final appearance clanking her tomahawk with Dingo again. Toward a New Future