Metal Sonic gets spiked.

Sharp Knuckle is the Special Weapon used by the Roboticized Master Knuckles Man in the crossover Worlds Collide. The weapon is essentially a spike-enhanced super punch, and when used by Knuckles Man it proved capable of deflecting the Rapid Stinger and shattering the sound energy of the Acoustic Blaster. It was broken by the Piko Hammer however, allowing Mega Man to restore Knuckles the Echidna to normal. Given that Stone Man has claimed that Knuckles punches with equivalent power to Guts Man, it can be concluded that the weapon allows Mega Man similar punching ability, making the blow against Metal Sonic aboard the Wily Egg a punishing one indeed.

Mega Man's colors when using this weapon are red and white, the same as when he uses support items in the games. He also develops a pair of spines on his fists, similar to Knuckles.


  • While the weapon has not been used against any of the Roboticized Masters, there is a chance, given the order of combat shown in the comic, that it is the weakness of Vector Man. This is also supported by Knuckles Man shattering the Acoustic Blaster with Sharp Knuckle.

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