Shimobey is a miniature explosive enemy from Mega Man 11. It attacks by running after Mega Man and doing jumping kick attacks similar to the ones Torch Man uses. When attacked it flies backwards and explodes once it makes contact with something.

Additionally, Shimobey can be used to destroy the explosive boxes without having to use Blazing Torch or Chain Blast, as well as attacking Thrill Twins 1 & 2 during their sub-boss battle. 

Shimobey appears in Blast Man's stage and Gear Fortress Stage 2.


An actor robot used in hero shows as the evil foot soldier. Dreaming of someday playing the hero, it always tries to look its best as the heroes beat it up.



  • The Shimobey's appearance could be inspired by the Shocker Combatmen from the Kamen Rider series.
    • Also, their jumping kick attacks could be based on "Rider Kick", the signature move of most Kamen Rider warriors.
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