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"I had no idea I'd be able to make a weapon this powerful... It almost frightens me... This is an arm-mounted laser! The beam is so highly focused that it will shoot right through a single enemy and keep on going--you can use it to destroy multiple enemies in one shot!"
Roll Caskett

Shining Laser (シャイニングレーザー Shainingu Rēzā) is a powerful Special Weapon from Mega Man Volnutt in the Mega Man Legends series that appears in Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Legends 2, Rockman DASH: 5tsu no Shima no Daibouken!, Namco × Capcom and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

In the first game, the Shining Laser shoots a straight beam at a rate of least 10 shots per second (the fastest firing rate of any weapon in the first game) and can have infinite ammunition when fully upgraded. This weapon is so powerful it can destroy any form of MegaMan Juno (the final boss in the game) from full health in less than 7 seconds.

In the second game, it too has unlimited ammunition when fully upgraded, but had a change in design. It now is a literal laser, shooting a long stream that does continuous damage.

Mega Man can't run while using this weapon. Roll Caskett develops this weapon with the items Prism Crystal, X-Buster and Weapons Plans in Mega Man Legends, and with the Laser Manual and Green Eye in Mega Man Legends 2.

The Shining Laser is also Mega Man Volnutt's strongest attack in the crossovers Namco × Capcom and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.



  • Shining Laser in the first Legends game, is the last X-Buster incarnation chronologically. Since Roll sold all Volnutt's weapons in Legends 2, X-Buster has probably been lost forever.
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