Shiriko da Gama (シリコ・ダ・ガマ Shiriko da Gama) is the sub-boss of Tengu Man's stage in Mega Man 8. It is a large cannon/core stationed at the end of the kappa-like airship, Air Gapper, and thus is fought on the Rush Jet. It has two attacks: Firing an energy ball spread, or a large laser. As Mega Man attacks it, it will gradually fall apart.

Mega Man 8 Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of damage in units that Shiriko da Dama will receive from each Special Weapon, as well as Mega Man's potential followers during the fight in Mega Man 8.

Mega Man 8

Mega Buster Mega Ball Tornado Hold Astro Crush Flame Sword Thunder Claw Homing Sniper Ice Wave Flash Bomb Water Balloon Rush Bike Rush Bomber Auto Beat Eddie Rush Jet
1:2:3 3 1:.5 7 .5 2 2 2 .5 2 - - 3 3 3 1.5


  • Shiriko da Gama comes from "shirikodama", which is food for the mythological creature the Kappa.

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