Shirokuni Town.

Shurokuni Town is a railroad city in Beyondard, one of the few remaining human settlements in the world. It is the hub of the railroad system’s restoration, and Kunio Kurogane and ChargeMan.EXE use the railroads to transport supplies and refugees between human settlements, which would not make it without them. It has a large restaurant that the railroad workers use to eat meals between work, and a rail car system to transport people around the town itself. One of the trains is called Fujishima.

Zoano JunkMan.EXE of Glaga attacks the town with an army of viruses in order to dismantle it and use the scrapes for his fortress, but changes his mind and intends to give the city to Glaga to use instead. Despite rapidly dismantling trains and tracks and attacking people, they are stopped with the combined efforts of Blues.EXE, Enzan Ijuuin, Roll.EXE, ChargeMan, and Kunio.

With the town saved, Kunio and ChargeMan offer to take Meiru Sakurai and Enzan to the next town, and they depart with gifts from Kunio and a restaurant worker. The Railroad Kingdom

The town appears in the last episode of the season, as Dr. Wily declares he will rule Beyondard as the Super Cyber Beast. Exceeding Light



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