Shooting Star Rockman: Wave Change! On Air!

Shooting Star Rockman: Wave Change! On Air! (流星のロックマン 電波変換!オン・エア! Ryuusei no Rokkuman Denpa Henkan! On Ea!) is a TV game released in 2007 only in Japan by Takara Tomy with a Mega Buster (Omega-Xis) shaped sensor controller. It has six mini-games and a Free Battle mode where the player fights against bosses in a first person shooter, similar to Super Adventure Rockman, against Ox Fire (Taurus Fire), Harp Note, Cygnus Wing and Andromeda (secret). The game comes with a Pegasus Magic Battle Card for the Wave Scanner.



Omega-Xis Sensor

  • Virus Shooting: Shoot and delete viruses before time runs out.
  • Slash Sword: Delete viruses with a sword before time runs out.
  • Guard & Guard: Defend against virus attacks and stay alive until the time is over.
  • Ox Fire's Power Battle: Arm-wrestle match against Taurus Fire.
  • Cygnus Wing Battle Run: MegaMan is running after Cygnus Wing and the player has to avoid obstacles to reach the goal before time runs out.
  • Harp Note ♪ Sound: A rhythm game with Harp Note.


A video showing the different games:

流星のロックマン 電波変換!オンエア!

流星のロックマン 電波変換!オンエア!

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