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Shooting Star Rockman Tribe (流星のロックマン トライブ Ryūsei no Rokkuman Toraibu) is the second and final season of the Shooting Star Rockman anime series. It uses story elements from Shooting Star Rockman 2.


According to the September 2007 issue of CoroCoro Comic, the anime would conclude in Japan on October 27, 2007 and, following the trend of its predecessor, continue with a new series called Ryūsei no Rockman Tribe, premiering on November 3, 2007. The second anime is loosely based on the events of the second video game (which was also released in November).[1] According to an interview with Fuyuka Oura (Geo's voice actor in the Japanese version) at the 2007 Tokyo Game ShowTribe has a deeper and "cooler" storyline than before, and the new character Burai is a prominent character in the plot.[2]

On March 29, 2008, Tribe concluded with 21 episodes, and its time-slot was replaced with A Penguin's Troubles. This marks the first time a Mega Man anime has not been on the air in Japan since the six-month hiatus between Rockman.EXE and Rockman.EXE Axess in 2003.


Shooting Star Rockman Tribe logo.

Translated from official website: [3]

Scheduled to be broadcast on TV Tokyo's "Oha Coliseum" from Saturday, November 3, 2007

From outer space to the super-ancient world --- The battle of Rockman over the radio world is a new development!

A long time ago--the super ancient civilization Mu was present on Earth. It is said that the Mu people had high scientific power and ruled the world with the power to freely control radio waves. But now Mu civilization has disappeared from the ground, leaving only its scales in the form of legends, myths, and UMAs (unidentified life forms) all over the world.

The story began with the sealed Mu continent showing signs of revival, and Mu's radio lifeforms beginning their activities. In order to search Mu's hidden treasure, OOPArts the radio wave life forms have united with humans who can convert radio waves, and have begun to cause incidents all over the world.

Hoshikawa Subaru and Warrock accidentally get one of the parts, "Berserk," and are involved in a battle over Mu's ancient civilization.

A new adventure of Rockman has begun to solve the mystery of super ancient civilization Mu! !


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This story takes place a few months after the events of the first anime. All the EM Viruses have disappeared and the Earth is at peace. However one day viruses unlike those seen before, and two mysterious men attack the museum where the artifact, Sword of Berserk, is held. These men are Hyde and Gori Monjirō with their UMAs. They fight with each other over the artifact, only resulting in Warrock accidentally swallowing it. Later, Subaru meets Doctor Orihime and she informs him of the continent of Mu and the OOPArts. Burai arrives and attacks Subaru and Warrock to take the OOPArt. They are quickly defeated, but Orihime manages to drive Burai off with an EM weapon.

Orihime then requests that Subaru and Warrock find the other OOPArts and prevent Gori Monjiro, Hyde and Burai from getting them. While traveling across the world in search of the artifacts, Rockman finds himself frequently struggling with his adversaries, while also discovering that he needs to master his new Thunder Berserk form, granted by the OOPArt. Eventually, Gori Monjiro and Yeti get their hands on the OOPArt Dinosaur, whilst Hyde and Ghost claim the OOPArt Shinobi. A three-way struggle ensues between them in attempts to claim the other OOPArts, but eventually it is revealed that Doctor Orihime wants the OOPArts for herself to resurrect Ra Mu.

Empty then proceeds to extract the OOPArts from Yeti Blizzard and Phantom Black. Due to the three OOPArts resonating with each other, the portal to Mu is opened. Empty and Orihime enter the portal, closely followed by Rockman and Harp Note, who want to stop Le Mu from resurrecting. Phantom Black and Yeti Blizzard also follow Orihime, having been promised eternal life. There, Empty takes the final OOPArt from Warrock after he terminates Denpa Henkan to spare Subaru from Empty's attacks. As Orihime proceeds with the resurrection of Le Mu, Subaru and Harp Note find Burai, who was also tasked with the mission of preventing the reappearance of the Mu continent. Subaru eventually finds Warrock, changes to Rockman, and attempts to stop Le Mu's resurrection by removing the OOPArts. This results in the three OOPArts resonating with him, transforming him into Thunder Berserk, then briefly to Green Shinobi and Fire Dinosaur, ending with Tribe King. Empty attempts to stop him, but a single blow from Tribe King kills him.

With Le Mu being resurrected, Rockman, Harp Note, Yeti Blizzard and Phantom Black escape through the portal back to Earth. However, the portal grows larger as Le Mu attempts to crawl through to the other side. At this moment, Burai appears, commanding Rockman to destroy the portal as he holds off Ra Mu, sealing him with it for good. Rockman does so using Czar Delta Breaker, sealing off the continent, with Le Mu and Burai. Once again, the Earth is safe. Some time later, Subaru, his mother, Luna, Gonta, Kizamaro, Tsukasa and Goyōda go to see Misora's concert, during which, Warrock shows Subaru that all the FM-ians from the original series (and their hosts) are also there. 



  • Doctor Orihime
  • Empty
  • Burai
  • Gori Monjirō/Yeti Blizzard
    • Yeti
  • Hyde/Phantom Black
    • Ghost


# Title Original airdate
1 The Inheritance of Mu
(ムーの遺産 Mū no isan)
November 3, 2007
2 The Seal of Mu
(ムーの封印 Mū no fūin)
November 10, 2007
3 Burai's Attack
(ブライの襲撃 Burai no shūgeki)
November 17, 2007
4 Come Forth, Sword of Berserk!
(発動、ベルセルクの剣! Hatsudō, Beruseruku no Ken!)
November 24, 2007
5 The Yeti of the Himanalas
(ヒマナラの雪男 Himanara no yukiotoko)
December 1, 2007
6 The Mu Ruins of the Himanalas
(ヒマナラのムー遺跡 Himanara no Mū iseki)
December 8, 2007
7 Hyde and Ghost
(ハイドとゴースト Haido to Gōsuto)
December 15, 2007
8 Sword of Trials
(試しの剣 Tameshi no ken)
December 22, 2007
9 The Truth About Dossie
(ドッシーの真相 Dosshī no shinsō)
January 5, 2008
10 Brachio's Wish
(ブラキオの願い Burakio no negai)
January 12, 2008
11 Infiltration! Nansca Village
(潜入!ナンスカ村 Sennyū! Nansuka Mura)
January 19, 2008
12 Terrifying God
(恐怖の神様 Kyōfu no kamisama)
January 26, 2008
13 Training de osaru
(修行でおさる Shugyō de osaru)
February 2, 2008
14 OOPArt of the Ninja Mansion
(忍者屋敷のオーパーツ Ninja yashiki no ōpātsu)
February 9, 2008
15 Three-way OOPArt Struggle
(三つ巴,オーパーツ争奪戦 Mitsudomoe, ōpātsu sōdatsusen)
February 16, 2008
16 An Absurd Strategy!?
(ベラボーな作戦!? Berabō na sakusen!?)
February 23, 2008
17 Hyde's Scheme
(ハイドの策略 Hyde no sakuryaku)
March 1, 2008
18 Orihime's True Colors
(オリヒメの正体 Orihime no shōtai)
March 8, 2008
19 Empty of Naught
(無のエンプティ Mu no Empty)
March 15, 2008
20 The Soldier of Loneliness, Burai
(孤高の戦士ブライ Kokō no senshi Burai)
March 22, 2008
21 The Duel of the Continent Mu
(ムー大陸の決闘 Mū-tairiku no kettō)
March 29, 2008


  • Opening Theme: Kizuna Wave (絆 ウェーブ Kizuna Uebu) by Misora Hibiki (Misato Fukuen)



  • Judging from the opening, it appears the staff initially planned for the appearance of the Green Shinobi and Fire Dinosaur transformations, but were forced to end the show early. Should the show have continued, these transformations and other Double Tribes may have had a chance to appear also.
  • Music composer, Shuhei Naruse, has shown off that a longer version of the opening theme exists but it was never released to the public. [4]