Shu (シュー Shū) is a character from Mega Man Legends 2 that lives in the Kito Village on Calbania Island with her younger twin brothers, Appo and Dah.


Mega Man Legends 2

Shu thought that Birdbots where chickens and tried to take one to make fried chicken, but they kidnapped and took her to Glyde's Base. When Mega Man Volnutt went to the island to destroy Glyde's fortress by the Guildmaster's request, Appo and Dah asked him to help rescue their sister. Mega Man invades the base and saves Shu, but the Birdbots activate the base's self-destruction to take him down. Fortunately for Mega Man, Shu had the key to the front gate, which is used by them to escape on time.

After her rescue, Shu gives the item "Cute Piggy" as thanks, and asks Mega Man to not eat him. Mega Man can give the items Pencil, Notebook and Textbook to her, which she will use to start teaching her brothers how to read and write. Shu is strict, but the twins are happy that she is teaching them.

Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1

Shu asks Mega Man to recover four pigs that ran away. As thanks for bringing them back, Shu gives Mega Man a kiss, but from one of her pigs instead of her.



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