Aile fighting against Purprill with Model P's shuriken

A shuriken (手裏剣 lit. "hidden hand blade") is a weapon of Japanese origin designed with many different shapes, the most common being a blade with four or more points that is also known as a throwing star. In the Mega Man franchise, many ninja themed characters have a shuriken on their arsenal.

  • Shadow Man's main weapon is Shadow Blade, a large four pointed shuriken coated with a special liquid that can derange the functions of mechanisms, being deadly for robots.
ShadowMan.EXE throwing a shuriken
  • ShadowMan.EXE uses shuriken.
  • Anti Damage is a Battle Chip and Navi Customizer program that allows a NetNavi to counter attacks with an aerial shuriken throw. It can also be used naturally by ShadowMan.EXE and Shadow Style MegaMan.EXE.
  • Magna Centipede uses four pointed shuriken.
  • Shadow Armor's normal shots are shaped like a shuriken.
  • Geemel uses a large three pointed shuriken.
  • One of Marino's Active Skills in Mega Man X DiVE has her throwing multiple manji shuriken. Marino can shoot three shuriken by default. Shuriken's Skill Cards allows Marino to either increase the amount of shuriken thrown to five, increase damage rate by 5%, or leave a Ninjutsu mark (忍) on Marino's position that damages and slows down targets within range. Marino's Passive Skills allows the shuriken to pass one target and boomerang back to her. Marino can shoot nine shuriken simultaneously in the fifth level from the Jakob Orbital Elevator mode.
  • Hidden Phantom has a large four pointed shuriken known as Dark Cross that is one of the Ten Shining Weapons. The shuriken is large enough for him to ride on it by throwing and staying above the shuriken during the flight.
  • Model P, used by Vent/Aile and Siarnaq (alongside Grey/Ashe when copying Siarnaq with Model A), has a large shuriken similar to Phantom's. In Mega Man ZX Advent there are two types of shuriken, changing depending of the player's character: Grey has Cross Shuriken, a large shuriken that is thrown straight ahead and bounces on surfaces. Ashe has Mandala Shuriken, a round blade that rotates around the user and moves away in an arc.
  • Wood Man from Mega Man: Fully Charged uses green shuriken. Mega Man can use the same ability with Wood Man's schematics.
  • The shuriken shaped OOPArt allows Star Force Mega Man to change into Wood Ninja, which has a four pointed shuriken.

Battle Card

Shuriken, known as Shurishuriken (シュリシュリケン) in Japan, is a series of Wood Battle Cards in Mega Man Star Force 3 that can be obtained from EM Viruses of the ShuriKen family. When used, a shuriken appears and travels around the corners of the field, working the same way as the Boomerang Battle Chips from the Mega Man Battle Network series.

Shuriken 1, Shuriken 2 and Shuriken 3 can be combined to form the Galaxy Advance Wolf Woods GA.

ID Name Description Attack Element
Standard Card 97 Shuriken1 Shuriken whiz around battlefield 100 WoodSword
Standard Card 98 Shuriken2 Shuriken whiz around battlefield 120 WoodSword
Standard Card 99 Shuriken3 Shuriken whiz around battlefield 140 WoodSword
- (Illegal Card) ShurikenX Shuriken whiz around battlefield 160 WoodSword



  • Shurikein is named and modelled after a shuriken.

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