Fami2 Comic June 2007 issue.

Shuugou Zen'in Gagtte!! Rockman! (全員集合ギャグって!!ロックマン! Shuugou Zen'in Gyagutte!! Rokkuman!, roughly "Everyone Gathered Gag!! Rockman!") is a gag manga by Sankichi Hinodeya serialized in Fami2 Comic. It contains several characters from the Mega Man franchise, MegaMan.EXE being the protagonist.


  • MegaMan.EXE - The protagonist, nicknamed EXE-kun (エクゼくん). Often gets into awkward situations due to being an airhead and releasing farts. He studies in class 2-6 in ACDC Elementary School.
  • Kenta-kun - Original character. EXE-kun's classmate and close friend.
  • Tron Bonne - The teacher from EXE-kun's class.
  • Prometheus - A hot-headed and mean student, but deep down is a good person.
  • ZX-kun - A conceited student.
  • GutsMama - EXE-kun's mother.
  • Roll.EXE - EXE-kun's classmate.
  • Ciel - EXE-kun's classmate.
  • Prairie - EXE-kun's classmate.

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