"We'll work to build a real utopia! It is the world where the human race and Reploids coexist."
―Signas, Mega Man X6

Signas (シグナス Shigunasu) is a character from the Mega Man X series. He is a Reploid that became the leader of the Maverick Hunters from Mega Man X5 and onward up to Mega Man X8. He cares for both humans and Reploids, and is a tactical genius. He commands every Maverick Hunter mission.

When the previous commander of the Maverick Hunters resigned out of guilt for the casualties of the Great Repliforce War, Signas was chosen to take the reins. The latest non-combat Reploid created with an incredibly precise CPU, Signas has gained the trust of the organization with his cool judgment and level-headed leadership.


Signas telling X to cool down in Mega Man X6

Soon after Signas became the commander of the Hunters, the Eurasia emergency broke out. He handled it professionally, always remaining cool in tough situations and never letting emotion destroy his ability to find the best strategy. During the Nightmare outbreak, he remained calm and focused while the Nightmare wreaked havoc on Reploids everywhere. During the subsequent Red Alert crisis, he maintains his overall cool demeanor, even in light of X's refusal to fight for a time. It is also Signas who is always there lately to tell X to cool down when he starts overreacting.

He seems to care deeply about his subordinates and both trust and know them well enough, as seen when he decided to observe Zero rather than keep him apprehended after his compatibility with the Sigma Virus was noticed.

Other appearances

Other media

Archie Comics

Despite the fact that the Archie Comics Mega Man series had yet to adapt a single game of the Mega Man X series, Signas appeared on the cover of Sonic Boom #8 alongside Alia and Sticks the Badger in the Worlds Unite crossover, despite the fact that he and Alia are nowhere to be seen in the crossover, only being mentioned by X in Sonic Universe #77.


  • Are you all right? X! Zero! The entire Earth has been thrown into a panic because of the Sigma Virus. It's dangerous to stay there. Report back to the Base! (After Sigma Head battle.)
  • The situation is far worse than expected. Sigma's explosion has spread the Virus all over the Earth. It's affecting both people and Reploids. What's worse, the Space Colony, Eurasia, is heading straight toward us. At this rate, it's going to crash into the Earth... in 16 hours. Everything... including Reploids and the entire human race, will be... annihilated... (After Sigma Head battle.)
  • How's the condition of the Enigma? (Questioning Douglas about the Enigma.)
  • Under the influence of the Sigma Virus, a lot of Maverick Hunters have become Mavericks, and only a few hunters remain normal. Let's join forces with the rest of our brothers and complete the Enigma!
  • We only have 16 hours left before the collision! We have to upgrade the Enigma before then. There are 4 Mavericks that have the devices required to enhance the Enigma. CRESCENT GRIZZLY, a weapons broker. He has a CRYSTAL BALL. TIDAL WHALE, he lives in the ocean. We will have access to HYDROGEN if we can secure the ocean. VOLT KRAKEN, an Ex-Mavericks Hunter. He has an ENERGY CART. SHINING FIREFLY, a Doctor of Engineering. He has a LASER DEVICE. There are 4 other Mavericks but these 4 Mavericks are the only ones who have the devices to upgrade the Enigma. X, Zero... You are the only Maverick Hunters that can match these Mavericks. Split up so you can gather the devices! Prepare your equipment and fulfill your mission! (Stage select, first mission debriefing.)
  • Who's this? I've never seen him... (Dynamo makes his first appearance.)
  • How dare he... at a time like this?! Should we even attempt to fight against one so arrogant? (After Dynamo announces his intent.)
  • Emergency! Dynamo is attacking the Hunter Base. Fight back immediately! (Dynamo's first attack.)
  • The time has come at last! We are going to launch the Enigma. The fate of the Earth depends on it. (The Enigma is ready to 'fire'.)
  • All right... Blastoff!!! Blastoff!!! Blastoff!!! (The Enigma cannon 'fires'.)
  • Did we make it? Did it crash? Alia, give us the report.
  • Right. We have a lot to do... before the Earth can return to normal... (If the Enigma succeeds.)
  • Curses! (Enigma fails.)
  • All right! We will execute the Shuttle Operation! Don't give up hope! The future of the Earth depends on us! This is our last hope... "The Space Shuttle Operation."
  • Okay, gather as many devices as you can.
  • I know this mission is hard for you all, but the important thing is for us to stay optimistic... Now, let's get to work! Our only hope is the Space Shuttle. We can't waste any time... Let me describe the 4 Mavericks that have the devices to upgrade the Shuttle. SPIKE ROSERED, Details Unknown. He carries a concealed ORBITER ENGINE. BURN DINOREX, a weapons storage guard. He owns a BOOSTER for rockets. SPIRAL PEGASUS, Reploid Air Force. An ORBITER WING is in the base. DARK NECROBAT, A mysterious Maverick. He has a FUEL TANK. We have little time but... We have to gather as many devices as possible. (Stage select, second mission debriefing.)
  • Zero has fought Sigma several times, I believe he has the Virus antibodies. (Listen to Lifesaver's report on Zero.)
  • Keep this secret... I'll think it over. (Dismissing Lifesaver.)
  • Emergency! Dynamo has come back here to attack! What on earth does he want?! Well it doesn't matter, we have to fight him! (Dynamo's second attack.)
  • I trust you... Zero. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you... (Shuttle ready to launch.)
  • Ready, Zero? This is our last chance! Blast-off!!!
  • Good luck, Zero! (Before shuttle impact.)
  • ...Zero! Can you read me? (If shuttle will succeed.)
  • Did we make it? Did it crash? [If shuttle will fail (Zero becomes Maverick).]
  • No! He'll be sucked into the Colony... [If shuttle will fail (Zero becomes Maverick).]
  • I understand how you feel, but you need to calm down and think straight. If we stay here we will be wiped out... Then who will protect the Earth? Who will rescue Zero? [Convincing X to evacuate (if shuttle fails).]
  • Everyone, evacuate immediately!
  • ... ... ... Anybody...who can hear my voice... Please answer me... (After Eurasia colony crash.)
  • Alia...Are you all right? Can you give me an update?
  • How about X... and Zero...
  • It's unusual for you to say that... ...without any data... (Reacting to Alia's statement that she believes that X and Zero were OK.)
  • ...What's up? Alia!
  • ...You mean, Zero is alive?
  • What's going on?
  • No! None of our operations worked! (If player allows all 16 hrs to run out.)
  • Everyone in the Hunter Base: Evacuate to the underground shelter! Move out! I repeat! Evacuate now to the underground shelter!
  • What?! What are they doing at a time like this...?! Blast! ... Maybe they can survive on their own... (X and Zero were missing.)
  • Yeah. Alia, Douglas! Move now! ...Where did they go...? Well, I just hope they're safe,... ... wherever they are...
  • Alia... Give me an update!
  • Are there any survivors?
  • The Earth lies in ruins, a mere shadow of the great planet it once was... ...The Human race narrowly avoided extinction once... and is about to face destruction again...
  • It truly is a miracle... Not only did he come back... but without so much as even a scratch! [Talking to Alia and Douglas (X's ending, if Zero went Maverick).]
  • You never believe it's a "miracle"... [Talking to Alia (X's ending, if Zero went Maverick).]
  • I have no idea... maybe it disappeared by itself? Otherwise it was deleted on purpose... [Discussing X's missing memory of Zero (X 's ending if Zero went Maverick).]
  • The Nightmare... The mission is risky, but we must minimize the damage by uncovering and defeating it. As Isoc said, we cannot allow anymore Reploids to be lost... X! Return to the Hunter Base now! (End of Isoc's speech.)
  • We are now beginning our mission to check the eight areas that Isoc had sent investigators to investigate the Nightmare phenomena! But considering the situation of the Maverick Hunters, you are the only Hunter who could accomplish these difficult missions. As we've lost Zero, you are our only hope... Can you do it, X?
  • Don't push yourself too hard, X. Remember you are our only hope.
  • Some Reploids may accept what Isoc says as true and come to the Nightmare areas... If you find them, secure them and then send them to the Hunter Base. The Reploids you have rescued can be surveyed here by pressing the R1 button.
  • Good luck, X!
  • X! Cool down! We don't want to lose you. You may be damaged in the battle. Return to the Hunter Base, now! [Stopping X from engaging Isoc (after defeating High Max).]
  • Are you all right? Zero! We'll send a rescue team immediately! High Max won't be a threat for a while. So you can come back to the Hunter Base at once! (After Isoc paralyzes Zero.)
  • Gate is behind everything!! Stop his evil!! (After Gate contacts X/Zero.)
  • Don't let him bait you, X. [Gate trying to provoke X (after defeating Nightmare Mother).]
  • Our mission is not yet complete. We must rebuild the Earth together! (X's ending, with Zero found.)
  • We'll work to build a real utopia! It is the world where the human race and Reploids coexist. (X's ending, with Zero found.)
  • Nice work, Zero. (Zero bringing Axl in.)
  • X, cool it. Alright Axl, why don't you start by telling us why you left?
  • Red Alert? You mean that gang of wannabe vigilantes?
  • This is our chance. Red Alert has caused us far too much trouble.
  • If you had just gone back, the problem would have been solved. But, I can see that won't be happening. (To Axl, after Red's transmission.)
  • X, don't over think this. This time our only choice is to fight.
  • Hmm, yes.
  • Not much. Even Zero has his limits. Axl is doing good work, but he's still a child. We can't expect much more with their present abilities.
  • Yeah! Let's show that Red Alert how it's done! (X returns to active duty.)
  • Yes, it is a bit strange. Be on full guard. X, Zero... Axl is in your hands.
  • Zero, you know how much trouble he's caused. Don't underestimate him.
  • He's made mistakes... But in any case, Axl's efforts over the last few days have solved a lot of problems. (X's sub-ending.)
  • X, do you think we could make Axl a hunter based on his good deeds? (X's sub-ending.)
  • Methods!? X, ideals are not always for the real world. Without you, somebody has to become a hunter. Why can't you train Axl to be one? (X's sub-ending.)
  • Please give it some thought. We may not be able to afford to stand by without fighting, although I know that's what you wish for. And we all know... That we haven't seen the last of the Mavericks. (X's sub-ending.)
  • That looked like a hard fight, but there was never any doubt that you'd come out on top.
  • Nice work out there. Take a well-earned break.
  • Good job out there. You should head to the lab for maintenance.
  • You got through that stage as if it were your own backyard. Nice work.
  • Congratulations! You are officially the best Maverick Hunter in history! (Gaining a Hunter Rank of AAA.)


Production Notes

Developer Comments
There's been Irregular Hunter organizations in previous games, but we've never seen anyone from them outside of the Hunters, so this time I wanted to add some depth to that area. Bearing in mind ties to the previous games, I considered a young(?) Signas having the previous commissioner retire in the sense of taking responsibility for deciding on the Repliforce. Hm? What kind of person is the former commissioner? Well, he has whiskers and looks important, so maybe he's like General? (grin)

Designer Comments
Him being an officer, I was worried he'd end up resembling Colonel, but I was strangely aware of it becoming an odd tale of not being able to determine his role from his form, so I boldly gave him a form that was definitive. His big shoulders and the six crystals on his chest convey his "importance level."[1][2]


  • A Reploid similar to Signas is briefly seen in the prequel video to Maverick Hunter X video The Day of Σ. He is talking to Sigma after the Mechaniloid is destroyed. His only line being "Yes sir! Understood."
  • Signas received a minor redesign in Mega Man X8. However, the only instance of this design neglects to show him from the waist down, leaving the new design of his lower half unknown. Signas, like all characters in the X series, has reverted to his pre-X8 design in any appearances made since.