Silicon City

Silicon City is the main setting from Mega Man: Fully Charged, a city where humans and robots coexist.


The Lighthouse

The home of the Light family: Dr. Light, Aki Light, Mega Mini, Suna Light, and Rush. It's also the location of Dr. Light's secret lab, which contains the legendary Mega Key.

Silicon Central

Silicon Central is a school in the center of the city. Its principal is Principal 100100. Students include Aki, Suna, BertPeter, and Ashley, among many others.  Its former teachers were guidance councilor Mari and chemistry teacher Mr. NRT.  Most current teachers working there are unknown, excluding Miss CHO, Chemistry Man's replacement. Hal used to be a student.

The forest

The forest area of Silicon City is home to Wood Man, a Robot Master who used to fight during the Hard Wars.  Mega Man has battled Wood Man and a few other Robot Masters in this area.

Secret Underground Base

A hidden lair inhabited by Sergeant Breaker Night.  This is the main area where he and his Robot Master army concoct their villainous plans of taking over the city.  The base is usually entered via secret entrances hidden in manholes.