"The weak ones have no choice... They should just obey the strong ones. Obey the Rebellion forces! The slimy vermin of the world... must bow down to our power!"
―Silver Horn, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Silver Horn, known as Silver Hound (シルバーホーンド Shirubā Hōndo) in Japan, is the "Super Heavy Cannon Reploid" from Mega Man X: Command Mission. He was an operative of the Rebellion forces in the Giga City region and was in charge of the Tianna POW Camp.

Design wise, he is based off a Triceratops, and like Flame Mammoth from the original Mega Man X, he is a large Reploid based on a large extinct animal, with mastery of an element (water, though Flame Mammoth's is fire), a penchant for cruelty, and extreme pride in his size and power, an arrogance which leads to his downfall.


During the Rebellion forces' reign, Silver Horn was a cruel and abusive tyrant who tortured and destroyed many captured Reploids who refused to join the Rebellion forces, even the original Steel Massimo. He also held Nana captive and coerced her to function as the Tianna Camp's systems operator, or else he would have the remaining prisoners held there executed. He also proudly enjoyed mocking those he considers weak, including the original Steel Massimo, as he delightfully laughed in the new Massimo's face as he described his torture.

Stats and Abilities

In battle, the three horns atop his shell serve as the projector of his deadly water-based "Pressure Abyss" attack. He can also sheathe himself in a liquid metal coating, increasing his defense greatly.

First Encounter at Tianna POW Camp

Second Encounter at Far East HQ



Vs. Silver Horn - 1st Encounter   Vs. Silver Horn - 2nd Encounter
MMX Command Mission Ch

MMX Command Mission Ch.3 Boss Silver Horn (better version)

Megaman X Command Mission Silver Horn Again

Megaman X Command Mission Silver Horn Again


  • Silver Horn had the temporary name "Trine Canonhorn" (トライン・カノンホーン) during his development, and a Mechaniloid similar to him, Twin Barrel (ツインバレル), was planned to appear in the latter half of the game.
  • His name was translated as "Horned" in his concept from MM25 Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works.
  • Given his size, it's easy to assume Silver Horn may have once occupied a position as a construction worker or similar profession, moving or destroying large rocks. This assumption is aided by the fact that he is equipped with large high pressure water cannons, similar to a sand blaster or water jet cutter.

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