Simone Miller is a character from the Mega Man comic series by Archie Comics. She is a member of the terrorist group Emerald Spears that works alongside Theo Payne. Simone and Roslyn Krantz knew each other in the academy before she left. It was implied that she had left the academy for reasons relating to a violation of regulations that Krantz had to report her for and forced her to flee.


Simone appears to have somewhat violent tendencies, and for unknown reasons seems to genuinely enjoy tormenting robots or forcing them to cooperate. She seems genuinely loyal to the Emerald Spears' anti-robot cause, unlike Theo who is part of the group mainly due to loyalty to his brother. However, Theo's endearing loyalty is one of the qualities that attracts her.


Spiritus Ex Machina

Simone joined in the Emerald Spears occupation of the Advanced Robotics Trade Show under Harvey Greenleaf, helping corral the robots and force most of the human civilians present out of the building. She employed a cattle-prod like weapon on various robots, and enjoyed the fact that the Laws of Robotics prevented Elec Man and others capable of fighting from resisting her or the other Emerald Spears. However, they later made the mistake of opening fire near the human hostages, which allowed the robots to take action to protect them. Simone found her prod ineffective against Elec Man, and was forced to flee with Xander and Theo.


Simone later joined Xander and Theo in planting a bomb at a New Year's Eve celebration in Mega City, which Simone showed no evident objection to. While guarding the bomb to keep government forces from finding it, she asked Theo whether he wanted to leave, but he refused to leave his brother behind. Calling him "stupidly loyal", Simone kissed him, and then corrected it to "adorably loyal" when he questioned her, and saying it was part of why she loved him. The pair were then discovered by federal agents, including Roslyn Krantz; the two women recognized each other instantly, prompting Theo to ask Simone whether she knew the agent. Simone, Theo, and Xander were then arrested, their scheme thwarted.


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