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Archie Skies of Arcadia

The world of Skies of Arcadia in Worlds Unite.

Skies of Arcadia, known as Eternal Arcadia (エターナルアルカディア) in Japan, is a role-playing video game developed by Overworks and published by Sega that was originally released for Dreamcast in 2000. The game's story focuses around the young air pirate Vyse and his friends as they attempt to stop the Valuan Empire from reviving ancient weapons with the potential to destroy the world. The characters from this game appear in the Archie Comics crossover Worlds Unite.

Other media

Archie Comics

When Sigma sends several Mavericks to different worlds, Tidal Whale attempts to set an Unity Engine in Crescent Isle, but the Blue Rogues defend the area from him, being finished by Vyse's Cutlass Fury. After the battle, Knuckles the Echidna and Quake Woman appear and convince the Blue Rogues to join in the battle against Sigma. While the heroes are away in other dimensions, the Sky Patrol is destroyed by Sigma and the Delphinus is used as a temporary base for the unified army.



The Blue Rogues

Characters that appeared in Mega Man related media.

  • Blue Rogues - A group of air pirates that only attack armed vessels larger than their own ships, specially those from the Valuan Armada.
    • Vyse - The protagonist and leader of the Blue Rogues. He is a young swashbuckler that fights with twin cutlasses.
    • Aika - Vyse's close friend since childhood. She is energetic and has an obsession for treasures. Aika fights with a large boomerang.
    • Fina - One of the few Silvites left, a demure and intelligent woman with an iron will that develops a strong bond with Vyse and Aika.
      • Cupil - Fina's pet, a silver ball-like creature that can morph into various shapes and fights for her.
    • Gilder - The captain of the airship Claudia. He is a fun-loving, laidback womanizer that fights with guns.
    • Enrique - The charismatic prince of Valua. He has a strong moral sense, which puts him at odds with most members of the Valuan nobility. This causes him to join Vyse, and he lets the Blue Rogues take the Delphinus, one of the most powerful airships in their world, which becomes their main vessel and home.
    • Drachma - A bitter old man that lost his family and had his right arm torn off by the arcwhale Rhaknam. His arm was replaced by a large mechanical prosthetic that he uses in combat.

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