Skullhead (スカルヘッド Sukaru Heddo) is the boss of the Opening Stage in Mega Man Xtreme 2. It is a guardian of Laguz Island that confronts X or Zero. Its destruction draws the attention of Gareth.


It releases two types of small enemy robots and shoots beams from its mouth. One robot that comes out of the mouth largely represents the behavior of a Telly from the classic series. The second robot is a saw robot that spins slowly left and right, has has a medium-large health bar, and does moderate damage should X or Zero come into contact. A Charge Shot or Z-Saber attack will stun Skullhead for a short time, allowing more hits to be landed on it, meaning X or Zero can easily finish it off.

  • Zako Summon (ザコ-召喚): Skullhead spits out enemies to attack the player.
  • Disc Launch (円盤発-): Skullhead shoots a disc that moves left to right on the ground.
  • Laser (レーザー): Skullhead shoots a laser straight down.