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Sky-Hi Coliseum, known as Sky-Hi Colosseum (スカイハイコロシアム Sukai Hai Koroshiamu) in Japan, is a multiplayer minigame from Mega Man Star Force 2 that can be accessed by talking with Legendary Master Shin in Wilshire Hills.


In Sky-Hi Coliseum, two to seven players go to one out of five EM Wave areas located high above the IFL Tower to participate in a competition where they race to get the most Stars within 3 minutes. The player with the most Stars in the end wins. Each player start off with three Stars, and more can be collected on the ground or stolen from other players. All players have 500 HP and start with twelve Battle Cards in the Folder.

When two players touch, they will enter in a timed battle, with 10 seconds to decide what to use on the Custom Screen and 10 seconds to battle. The player that causes more damage wins and takes half of the Stars from the loser. If the opponent is deleted, the winner gains all of his Stars. The loser is warped to one of the starting points and has the HP fully recovered, while the winner only recovers 60 HP.

Some Stars grant the player a Speed Booster to move faster, but some are Star Bombs, traps that explode 30 seconds after being taken and result in the loss of all Stars. Winning a battle will pass the Star Bomb to the opponent.

Besides Stars, around the map are Mystery Waves, Folders, and Hertzes that can assist the players. Mystery Waves contain abilities, Hertzes can change the Mega Buster's attack, and Folders add six Battle Cards to the Folder. Each folder has an element, the player's element becoming the same as the last folder picked, making him stronger and weaker against other elements.

The top screen has a small map showing the player as a red dot and opponents as blue dots. The player with most Stars will not be able to see opponents in the map. The L and R buttons change between the Map Screen and a Rankings Screen.


  • Star
  • Star (Speed Booster)
  • Star (Bomb Star)

Mystery Waves

  • FlotShoe
  • FstBarr
  • PlyzeGun
  • Reflect
  • SprArmr
  • UndrShrt


The default folder contains ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, and ?.

Folder Element Battle Cards
CancerFldr Aqua CancrBublEX, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
FlameFldr Fire
GeminiFldr Elec
"Taurus" Fire TaursFireEX, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
"Ophiuca" Wood QnOphiucaEX, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
ThundrFldr Elec
TreeFldr Wood
WaterFldr Aqua


Winning Sky-Hi Coliseum matches grants one Star Card or a Sub-Card.

  • Cannon★1
  • Cannon★2
  • Cannon★3
  • PlsmaGun1★1
  • PlsmaGun1★2
  • ...
  • ElecSrch
  • FireSrch
  • ...

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