Sky Claw (スカイクロー) is a flying machine shaped like a crane game claw that is used to remove obstacles, working well with Crag Man.[1] Maverick Sky Claws appear as enemies in the Mega Man X series. They show up in Launch Octopus's, Flame Mammoth's, and Storm Eagle's stages in Mega Man X, Mega Man Xtreme, and Mega Man Xtreme 2, and in the Sigma Palace in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. They are especially troublesome in Storm Eagle's stage near the beginning since they have the tendency to snatch X off the platforms, which may cause him to fall on pits. Also, if a Sky Claw holds on to X for too long, they will explode and cause damage to him.

Other media

Rockman X (manga)

Sky Claws make an appearance in the manga, being seen in Launch Octopus's base alongside Amenhoppers.

Irregular Hunter Rockman X

The Maverick Hunters used Sky Claws, Ball De Vouxs, Gun Volts, and Hoganmers to fight against Mavericks. Later, X fights against Maverick Sky Claws in the area that was controlled by Launch Octopus, and a Sky Claw is used by Vile and Sigma to retreat after their battle against X and Zero.

Archie Comics

A Sky Claw can be seen above Xander's head on the Variant Cover of Mega Man #40.



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