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Sky Farmer (スカイファーマー) is an aerial enemy in Wire Sponge's stage in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme 2. It was originally created as an agricultural Mechaniloid that was used to sow seeds, but were modified by Mavericks to carry capsules containing either Sabotteins (green) or Rightods (blue). In Mega Man Xtreme 2, all capsules are green. Sky Farmers appear moving horizontally on the top of the screen. Once the capsule makes contact with the ground, they home onto where X was when they dropped it, then go off-screen. The weather determines which capsule they carry:

  • Normal weather: Sabottein.
  • Rainy weather: Rightod.
  • Sunny weather: Sabottein.
  • Foggy weather: Sky Farmers do not appear.


Rightod (ライトッド Raitoddo), also known as "Rightod 1", are bug-like enemies dropped by Sky Farmers when the weather is rainy in the Weather Control stage. Once they are released from their capsule, they will ceaselessly home onto X. They are able to summon lightning through the rod in their head, and if they latch onto X, they may summon lightning to damage him. However, if they are hit by their own lightning, they will be instantly vaporized. In addition, once they latch into X they are able to hamper X's jumping abilities, which makes a great combo together with the windy rain. Unlike their Sabottein counterpart, even if the weather is changed they will still remain on screen, though they lose their lightning summoning skill. X can also protect himself from lightnings if there is a roof above him. Rightod's function and name indicate that it was named after a lightning rod, shortened as "Lightod", but with the L replaced by R due to a Japanese-English translation error.


Sabottein (サボッテイン), also known as "Sabottein 2", are cactus-like enemies that were originally used as a staging apparatus in the Weather Control Center. They are dropped by Sky Farmers if the weather is sunny or normal. However, their height is determined greatly by the weather: if it is normal, only a small tip can be seen on the ground, whereas under sunny weather they grow as tall as X. If the weather is changed into rain or fog after they sprouted, they will retreat into the soil. Interestingly, once their seed has been planted, even it they retreat, once the weather is favorable again they will always sprout, meaning the only way to truly defeat them is through destruction. They can also randomly control the weather, like Weather Crystals.

In Mega Man Xtreme 2, they grow much taller in sunny weather, but still retreat when it's rainy.

Other media

Rockman X2 manga

Sky Farmers and Sabotteins appeared in the Weather Control Center alongside Sole Solars, Croak Hoppers, and Scrivers. A Rightod is seen gathering around the reawakend Zero.


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