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Sky Patrol

The Sky Patrol is the mobile base of Sonic the Hedgehog and his teammates the Freedom Fighters in their ongoing battle against the evil Dr. Eggman in the Archie Comics series.

Worlds Unite

During Sigma-1's plot to unite multiple worlds and absorb their power, it carried the Freedom Fighters to their home city of Mobotropolis to engage M'egga Man. Following the fusion of the worlds that Mobotropolis and Mega City were built on by Sigma's Unity Engines, the Sky Patrol became the common headquarters of the heroes who joined forces to battle Sigma. The heroes fought against several of Sigma's Mavericks and the Deadly Six on top of the Sky Patrol.

When Sigma-2 opened several Genesis Portals and the heroes entered them, the Sky Patrol was left defenseless and Sigma destroyed it in order to prevent the United Heroes from regrouping after their return, those inside escaping in a shuttle with Metal Sonic's help. However, it is temporarily replaced by the Delphinus during the battle against Sigma. With Xander Payne undoing the events of Worlds Unite, the damage done to the Sky Patrol never happened.

Crew and Passengers

The following individuals from various worlds boarded the Sky Patrol during the Worlds Unite crossover.

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