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This page is about the original Slash Man. For his NetNavi counterpart, see SlashMan.EXE.

Slash Man (スラッシュマン Surasshuman) is a Robot Master who was created by Dr. Wily to clear forests for the construction of his secret bases. His design was based on Pluto from Mega Man V- due to this similarity in design, it is likely that Slash Man boasts similar movement speed and agility. In Mega Man 7, Slash Man is in charge of an army of dinosaur robots, but due to his fast mobility and wild temperament, his comrades have trouble keeping up with him. He has a liking for jungle fruits and vegetables, but has a dislike for nail clippers.

Slash Man's Special Weapon, the Slash Claw, is a portable version of a wave-like cutting device used to destroy asteroids, released in the form of a pair of razor-sharp claws on his forearms. He can also bind enemies with a red adhesive substance, holding them in place as he prepares to attack, which when combined with his speed and attacking power, make him a deadly opponent at close range. He is vulnerable to drastic changes in temperature, tending to hibernate in cold winters and dehydrate in hot environments, thus he is vulnerable to the Freeze Cracker and the Scorch Wheel.

Video game appearances

"This robot moves quickly. You better beat him as fast as possible! He does not have any projectile move. Shoot him at a distance!"
―Dr. Light, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

Blade Tire


Stage description: Jurassic Jungle

Mega Man & Bass CD data


Rockman Battle & Fighters data

  • Power Battle: もとはひみつきちけんせつようのばっさいロボットで、きょうりゅうロボットぐんだんのじんとうしきようにかいぞうされる。しかし、そのきどうりょくのたかさから、たんどくこうどうがおおい。とくしゅぶきは、スラッシュクローじゃ。
  • Power Fighters: PBにもとうじょうしたスラッシュマンはロックマン7でとうじょう。とくしゅぶきスラッシュクローは、うちゅうせんようのそうびひんをこがたかしたもののようじゃ


  • Power Battle: Originally a logging robot for secret base constructions, was modified to be the spearhead for a dinosaur robot army. However, because of his high mobility, he often acts alone. Special weapon is Slash Claw.
  • Power Fighters: Also appeared in PB, Slash Man appeared in Rockman 7. His special weapon, Slash Claw, is a minituarized space dedicated equipment.

Stage enemies

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of damage in units that Slash Man will receive from each Special Weapon in Mega Man 7.

Mega Man 7
Mega Buster Freeze Cracker Junk Shield Danger Wrap Thunder Bolt Wild Coil Slash Claw Noise Crush Scorch Wheel Super Adapter
1:2 6:4 1 0 1 1:1 1 1:2 4 2
*For Mega Buster, Wild Coil and Noise Crush, the first number is the damage done when the weapon is fired normally; the second number is damage done when the weapon is charged up.
*For Freeze Cracker, the first number is when the shot is whole; the second number is after it splits.

Other media


Slash Man appeared in the manga Rockman 7 and Mega Man Gigamix.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

He also had a brief appearance in Worlds Collide, fighting alongside an army of other Robot Masters on the orders of Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman. He joined a group of high speed Robot Masters-including Metal Man, Nitro Man, Turbo Man, and Charge Man-in pursuing Sonic the Hedgehog. Unfortunately, the whole group found themselves in a pileup after Sonic tripped Quick Man, who had sped ahead of the rest of them to attack the speedster.



  • Slash Man was originally called "Claw Man" by his designer.[Citation needed]
  • Slash Man's stage may have been inspired partially by an episode of the Mega Man cartoon called Robosaur Park, which takes place in a tropical park full of robotic dinosaur replicas.
  • Slash Man's claws may be inspired by the primary weapon of Vega, a character from Capcom's Street Fighter series. This is further reinforced by the fact that Vega made his debut in 1991's Street Fighter II, four years before Mega Man 7.
    • Slash Man may also be inspired by Wolverine from Marvel's X-Men due to his feral appearence as well as having razor claws on both forearms.

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