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Slidame (スライダン) is a rare flying enemy from Mega Man X2. It is a security Mechaniloid that only appears in some areas from the Opening Stage and X-Hunter Stage 1 that have large vertical shutters. When it detects an intruder approaching, it will rush to the top of the shutter and begin to pull/slide the walls together in an attempt to keep the intruder out. X must quickly Wall Kick to pass the closing shutter or he will be crushed. A good way to take Slidame down is to quickly use a weapon that arcs or splits upward, such as a charged Sonic Slicer, Bubble Splash, or Silk Shot.

Other media

A Slidame appears alongside a Pararoid V-1Crash RoaderRightodDisk Boy 08 and other Mavericks witnessing the newly reawakend Zero in the Rockman X2 manga.


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