Trap of the Poisonous Snake Madam! is the twenty-ninth episode of the Japanese MegaMan NT Warrior anime, and was adapted into the English dub's twenty-fourth episode, SnakeMan's Survival Seven.


While traveling in Netopia, Lan stops in Brand City, where he spies a gift his mother wants but finds its price is way out of his range. Suddenly a mysterious man appears, telling him of an underground NetBattling system where NetNavis can win prizes, including the gift Lan wants to give to his mother. But it's all a trap plotted by the bored and spoiled Mrs. Millionaire, whose hobby is to snare Navis in neverending NetBattles and then keep them prisoner for all time in her NetNavi museum. Chaud learns of her plans and sends ProtoMan in to warn MegaMan. MegaMan must then face and defeat Mrs. Millionaire's powerful game master, SnakeMan.[1]