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"This weapon launches an advanced homing missile."
Alia, describing X's Sniper Missile, Mega Man X7

Sniper Missile (スナイパミサイル Sunaipa Misairu) is the Special Weapon X and Axl gain by defeating Snipe Anteator in Mega Man X7. When equipped, the character launches a homing missile that curves towards the closest enemy. The missile can pass through enemies, damaging any in its path until it hits an environmental obstacle. Fired normally, only one Sniper Missile can be on screen at a time. When X charges this weapon, he fires off three homing missiles at once.

This weapon is Wind Crowrang's weakness. It is also useful during the battle against Red, as the player won't need to jump from platform to platform in order to reach him and risk falling into the river.


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