Snow Mountain Stage (雪山ステージ),[1] also known as Snowfield Stage (雪原ステージ)[2] and Abandoned Missile Base,[3] is Chill Penguin's stage in the Mega Man X, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, and Mega Man Xtreme. It is a snowy mountain that was taken by Chill Penguin, from where he planned to use avalanches to crush nearby cities under tons of snow. X had the task to stop him before it happened. If the player completes the stage, the lava in the Factory Stage (Flame Mammoth's stage) will be frozen, allowing X to walk over it with impunity.

Stage enemies

Mega Man X and Maverick Hunter X

Mega Man Xtreme

Other media

The mountain appeared in the Rockman X manga, in Irregular Hunter Rockman X, and Rockman X The Novel: Irregulars Report.


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