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Snow Rider (スノーライダー Sunōraidā) is an enemy from Mega Man X3. It is a Mechaniloid[1][2] or Reploid[3] that shoots lasers. It's only found in Blizzard Buffalo's stage. Snow Riders were specialized for snowy regions and are first-class marksmen.

Snow Slider

Snow Slider (スノースライダー Sunōsuraidā) is a Snow Rider using a snowmobile. It can shoot little ice cubes that can freeze the player; this does not cause any damage but if the player is not struck by the Snow Slider or another enemy, he cannot move, shoot or break free.

Other media

Snow Riders appear in the Rockman X3 manga alongside other Maverick minions attacking the Neo Maverick Hunter Base. Others appear attacking Zero & Blast Hornet who was just defeated and reformed.




Snow Rider Freeze glitch.

  • It is possible to be permanently frozen right outside of Blizzard Buffalo's lair by a Snow Slider. If it freezes the player in the middle of the icy slope right before the building, X will be frozen and unable to break free. The Snow Slider won't be able to damage him and set him free because the AI prevents it from traveling down slopes. The only way to fix this problem is if the player goes to the submenu and exits the stage - provided that Blizzard Buffalo has already been defeated - or if the player resets the game. Another way is pausing the game and changing to Zero.


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