A solo NetNavi in the MegaMan NT Warrior manga.

Solo NetNavis[1], known as Completely Autonomous NetNavis (完全自律型ネットナビ[2][3] Kanzen Jiritsu-gata NettoNabi), or Autonomous NetNavis (自律型ネットナビ[4][5] Jiritsu-gata NettoNabi) for short are NetNavis from the Mega Man Battle Network series that don't have operators.

This can happen in various ways. The operator might have abandoned them or the other way around. Some never had an operator and have been alone since their creation. Many solo NetNavis are outcasts and fall into evil ways, the majority frequenting the Undernet. Solo NetNavis are at a disadvantage in battle because they have no operator to send them Battle Chips or guide them.

Independent Navi Project

The Independent Navi Project (かんぜんじりっナビかいはつ Kanzenjiri Navi Kaihatsu) was a work in a progress led by Dr. Cossak at SciLab. The project's aim was create a fully independent Net Navi, an AutoNavi (じどうプログラムナビ "Auto Program Navi"). This Navi is Bass, who would be fully capable of fighting without a operator with his GetAbility Program. He was a true success, but unfortunately for Bass, unconfirmed suspicion amongst many due to his fully free willed nature. Triggered with the disaster of the the Alpha Revolt, it wrongfully lead to SciLab trying to delete him. Dr. Cossak was arrested and Bass was left for dead, leading him to become a solo NetNavi.

List of solo Navis

Note that not all NetNavis have a known operator, and thus are believed to be solo NetNavi. A few of them also obtain operators in a later game of the series. Heel Navis often don't have operators.

All the Darkloids are solo NetNavis in the games, anime, and manga, except LaserMan. In the anime and manga, it is postulated that the Darkloids came into existence on their own and never had operators.



In the anime, all Zoanoroids are solo NetNavis, and many Asteroids abandon their NetOps if they aren't evil.


  • The Japanese term has a number of variations: "auto action Navis" (自動行動ナビ jidō kōdō Nabi),[6] "auto control Navis" (自動制御ナビ jidō seigyo Nabi)[7], Autonomous Navis (自律型ナビ Jiritsu-gata Nabi) [8].


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