A Solo NetNavi in the MegaMan NT Warrior manga.

Solo NetNavis are NetNavis from the Mega Man Battle Network series that don't have NetOps. This can happen in various ways. The NetOp might have abandoned them or the other way around. Some never had a NetOp and have been alone since their creation. Many Solo NetNavis are outcasts and fall into evil ways, the majority frequenting the Undernet.

All the Darkloids are Solo NetNavis in the games, anime, and manga, except LaserMan.EXE. Some Solo NetNavis work for organizations like World Three and Gospel, but are still considered solo because they still have no NetOp. In the anime and manga, it is postulated that the Darkloids came into existence on their own and never had NetOps. Solo NetNavis are at a disadvantage in battle because they have no NetOp to send them Battle Chips or guide them. The AutoNavi project was meant to rectify this considerable problem. In the anime, all Zoanoroids are Solo NetNavis, and many Asteroid Navis abandon their NetOps if they aren't evil.

One of the most prominent solo NetNavis is Bass.EXE. He was created by Dr. Cossak during the AutoNavi Project as a NetNavi fully capable of fighting without a NetOp with his GetAbility Program. He was a true success, but unfortunately for Bass.EXE, unconfirmed suspicion amongst many due to his fully free willed nature, triggered with the disaster of the the Alpha Revolt, wrongfully lead to SciLab trying to delete him. Dr. Cossak was arrested and Bass.EXE was left for dead, leading him to become a Solo NetNavi. He is the only Solo NetNavi known to become stronger without limits due to his GetAbility Program.

Note that not all NetNavis have a known operator, and thus are believed to be Solo NetNavis. In the first two Mega Man Battle Network games, all the secret bosses in the end of game secret areas appear to be Solo NetNavis, but ShadowMan and NapalmMan are shown with a NetOp later on. Also, FreezeMan appears to have no operator in Mega Man Battle Network 2, but Sean Obihiro is his NetOp in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. HeelNavis often don't have NetOps.

List of Solo Navis

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