This article is about the Roboticized Master. For the DOS Mega Man boss, see Sonic Man.
"I am the weapon."
—Sonic Man, Sonic Boom #8

Sonic Man is a transformation that appears during the Worlds Unite crossover from the Sonic The Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is Sonic the Hedgehog after undergoing Roboticization and becoming one of the most recent Roboticized Masters, programmed to serve Sigma by both Drs. Eggman and Wily.

The two doctors secretly programmed in a secondary objective into Sonic Man and M'egga Man that would have the two fight against each other and change back to normal once they returned to the hideout in an act of rebellion against Sigma, but they began fighting as soon as the two worlds were merged. During the battle, they attack each other with their most powerful weapon, resulting them into changing back to normal instead of being destroyed.


Sonic Man retains Sonic's normal color scheme and sports his normal design, with a few added design choices. Among these, Sonic Man now has a buster on his right arm, his chest is made up of three horizontal segments in the same color as Sonic's skin, and Sonic's eyes now sport a color scheme similar to Metal Sonic's. He now has a golden "W" shaped symbol across his head as a reference to Dr. Wily, shoulder pads, and Robot Master-styled forearms and legs.


Sonic Man's abilities are similar to Sonic's, but enhanced by the roboticization. His speed is such that even time-influencing weapons such as Time Slow and Time Stopper do not have a significant impact on him. He also has an arsenal of weapons. According to Eggman, Sonic Man was formed by analyzing Sonic's data and fusing him with data from Quick Man.

Special Weapons

Spin Slash Spin Slash
Sonic Man's Spin Attack. He contorts himself into a spinning ball with spikes.
Spin Dasher Spin Dasher
Fires a spinning blue energy blast from the buster. It can be charged to cause more damage, being Sonic Man's most powerful weapon. This is M'egga Man's weakness, causing him to change back into Mega Man when fired with full power.
Fire Dasher and Thunder Dasher Fire Dasher
A fire version of the Spin Dasher.
Thunder Dasher
An electric version of the Spin Dasher.
Energy Shield Energy Shield
Envelops Sonic Man in a spherical barrier that is powerful enough to hold back Fire Storm.
Ring Launcher Ring Launcher
Shoots rings that can capture and incapacitate the targets.
Homing Shot Homing Shot
Fires several energy shots that home-in on opponents.
Spring Shield Spring Shield
A spring appears in Sonic Man's arm, which can be used for protection and to push enemies away.

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