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Soul Satellite is Rose's special weapon from Street Fighter X Mega Man. When used, Mega Man will become surrounded by 2 orbs rotating around Mega Man in a clockwise direction. While encompassed by the orbs, shooting again will shoot an orb forward, which does not consume weapons energy. The protective shield can withstand two hits to enemies, with each hit doing 10 points of damage. Firing an orb forward deals 1 point of damage.

While the shield is active, Mega Man can swap to other weapons and fire them instead of the purple orb. While switching to another weapon the orbs change color depending on the weapon switched to.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Street Fighter X Mega Man.

SoulSatelliteIcon  Soul Satellite
Boss Damage
Ryu :
Chun Li :
Blanka :
Urien :
Rolento :
Crimson Viper :
Dhalsim :
Rose :
Balrog :
Vega :
Sagat :
M. Bison :
Akuma :

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