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The Space Shuttle.

The Space Shuttle (スペースシャトル) is a spacecraft that the Maverick Hunters have in their base in Mega Man X5. The Space Shuttle was infected by the Sigma Virus and the auto-pilot function stopped working. If the Enigma is not able to destroy the space colony Eurasia, someone will need to pilot the shuttle to collide into the colony to destroy it, the pilot ejecting the last minute before impact. Zero pilots the shuttle and survives the operation regardless of the results.


PartObtained fromFunction
Orbiter Engine
Spike Rosered
(Axle the Red)
Allows the shuttle to perform better in space.
Booster Engine
Booster Rocket)
Burn Dinorex
Increases the speed and striking power of the shuttle.
Orbiter Wing
Spiral Pegasus
(The Skiver)
Helps with maneuverability.
Fuel Tank
Dark Necrobat
(Dark Dizzy)
Serves as a greater source of energy, allowing the shuttle to fly farther.




Space shuttle specifications on the japanese ver.

  • The Space Shuttle has a cameo appearance on the opening scene of Mega Man X6.
  • Interestingly, the Space Shuttle has a Repliforce logo on one of its thrusters, what could mean it belonged to the Reploid Air Force branch before the Repliforce War. Additionally, in the Japanese ver. a title referencing the Repliforce is clearly visible on the shuttle's specs. whereas on the USA ver. the title was all but removed and some of the captions were replaced by generic letters.
  • If Dynamo is fought between Enigma shooting and the Shuttle being launched, it appears at the background of the fight.
  • The RNG roll for the Shuttle (or the Cannon)'s success chance is rolled for on the results screen of the previously taken level (ie; after the final shot of the Sigma battle of the intro stage, or after defeating a Maverick). The canon result is that the Cannon fails, and the odds are weighted instead on the Shuttle succeeding-- though there is a non-canonical chance that the Cannon may succeed on the first try.
  • A Space Shuttle also appears in the end of Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.
  • Space Shuttle appears to be a modernized version of real-life spacecraft operated by NASA.

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