SpikeMan.EXE, known as NeedleMan.EXE in Japan, is the NetNavi of Ms. Yuri. He is a confident Navi that follows Ms. Yuri's orders while also having a unique laugh.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

SpikeMan is the NetNavi of Ms. Yuri, the long-lost twin sister of Lan Hikari's teacher Ms. Mari. SpikeMan serves Nebula's cause and helps distribute Dark Chips. He is immune to the Dark Chips' own corruption, even being able to handle three that was used on him at once during his battle with ProtoMan in episode 26. Near the end of Axess, he and Ms. Yuri use Cross Fusion and do battle with a C.F. MegaMan after being ordered by Dr. Regal and LaserMan to kill her twin sister to prove her loyalty. The battle ends when Dark ProtoMan decides that Ms. Yuri is a lost cause and sends her, SpikeMan, and Gorou Misaki over a bridge to their supposed deaths.

Rockman.EXE Stream

It's later revealed that both SpikeMan and Ms. Yuri had survived the fall. They reappears in the series and use Cross Fusion to help protect a hospitalized Misaki from Asteroid BombMan. He and Ms. Yuri later become part of the Cross Fusion team.

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