Spike Ball, known as Spike Rope (スパイクロープ Supaiku Rōpu) in Japan, is the Special Weapon that X gains from defeating Spike Rosered in Mega Man X5. Its standard shot consists of X shooting out a green thorny ball of vines that goes a short distance before returning to him. Charged up, X shoots out a purple spiked ball that ricochets across the screen four times (regardless of terrain) before leaving the screen.

This weapon is the primary weakness for Crescent Grizzly and Sigma's final form. This weapon is also very useful in eliminating the Eagle Gs easily in the final stages of the game.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X5.

X5-Icon-X-SpikeBall.png Spike Ball
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Magma Dragoon -- --
Sigma Head -- --
Crescent Grizzly 5 8
Tidal Whale 2 3
Volt Kraken 2 3
Shining Firefly 2 3
Dark Necrobat 2 3
Spiral Pegasus 2 3
Burn Dinorex 2 3
Spike Rosered 0 0
U-555 (Head) 4 8
U-555 (Tail) 4 8
U-555 (Top) 4 8
Prism Guardian 3 8
Pteranoid 1 1
Dynamo 0 0
Shadow Devil 0 0
Rangda Bangda W (Green Eye) 0 0
Rangda Bangda W (Red Eye) 0 0
Rangda Bangda W (Blue Eye) 0 0
Rangda Bangda W (Sun) 0 0
Zero (Normal) 0 0
Zero (Awakened) 0 0
Sigma: 1st Phase 0 0
Sigma: 2nd Phase 5 8



  • Though only accessible with the use of external cheating devices, the training boss simulation of Magma Dragoon becomes stunned when hit with this weapon. However, Zero's own counterpart does not have the same effect.

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