Spinning Blade (スピニングブレード Supiningu Burēdo) is the Special Weapon that X obtains from Crush Crawfish in Mega Man X3. Then equipped, X fires two Spinning Blades, which travel a short distance forward then arc behind him, one slightly above and one below. Due to the trajectory of the blades, this weapon can be difficult to properly aim if not at close range. Since there are two blades that are present on the screen per shot, the Spinning Blade can be a very helpful Special Weapon when eliminating enemies as firing it up close to an enemy can heavily damage or destroy it as the weapon strikes twice.

The charged version sends a bladed yo-yo-like device in front of X that will stay in place even if X moves or turns around. Pressing up or down on the control pad causes the blade to rotate around X in that direction before returning. If it happens to strike an enemy that is strong enough to withstand it or is immune to it, the large blade will bounce off the enemy, dislodging itself from X's buster in the process.

This weapon is strong against several bosses, including Neon Tiger, Blast Hornet, Vile, and Sigma's first form.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X3.

X3-Icon-SpinningBlade.png Spinning Blade
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Maoh the Giant -- --
Toxic Seahorse 1 1
Tunnel Rhino 1 1
Volt Catfish 1 2
Crush Crawfish 0 0
Neon Tiger 2 4
Gravity Beetle 1 1
Blast Hornet 2 3
Blizzard Buffalo 1 1
Bit 1 1
Byte 1 1
Vile MK-2 (Kangaroo Armor) 2 5
Vile MK-2 (Vile) 2 5
Godkarmachine O Inary 1 1
Vile MK-2 (Goliath Armor) 1 1
Vile MK-2 (Vile) 2 5
Press Disposer 1 1
Volt Kurageil 1 1
Dr. Doppler 1 1
Sigma 2 5
Kaiser Sigma 0 0




Boomerang Blade

  • In the game Mega Man X DiVE, the weapon Boomerang Blade, known as Shrimper (シュリンプァー) in Japanese, is based on Crush Crawfish's scissor arm. The weapon shoots Spinning Blades in 3-way cycling shot.