"I've already been infected by the Virus... I'm destined to be retired by you once I become a Maverick, so go ahead, take me down..."
―The Skiver, Mega Man X5

The Skiver, known as Spiral Pegasus[1] (スパイラル・ペガシオン Supairaru Pegashion) in Japan, is a Pegasus-themed Reploid from Mega Man X5. He was a young director of the Repliforce air brigade, who survived the Repliforce Incident that occurred during the events of Mega Man X4.

He looked up to Colonel as he questions Zero (if used at the time) as to why he killed him. Skiver held an Orbiter Wing need for the Shuttle Operation to destroy the Eurasia colony, but because of being in the early stages of the viral infection (and unresolved issues with the Maverick Hunters) he refuses to cooperate and orders to be taken down in a duel.


He flies about and uses his Wing Spiral attack, but can be trapped by Dark Hold, so use this to your advantage. Zero is recommended for this battle, as he can still perform his other skills (that do not require Weapon Energy) when using Dark Hold, unlike X, who is only limited to buster shots when the weapon is in effect.


Nickname: Air Force Prince (エアフォースプリンス Ea Fōsu Purinsu)

Stage enemies


When Playing as X

The Skiver: X! I've wanted to meet you... But considering the situation, we don't have time for small talk. Soon, the Reploid Air

Force will be destroyed. You may be our only hope... But, you'll have to convince me first... Through battle...

The Skiver: I didn't want to meet you in a situation like this... Not only this airport, but I, too, will be infected by the virus, and all will turn into Mavericks... Therefore, my destiny lies in your hands... Before I've totally lost my mind, please fight me... and make me accept my destiny...

The Skiver: Squawk! Who... Are... You?

X: Skiver... You have also been...

The Skiver: You have killed the General... I'll kill you to avenge his death!

When Playing as Zero

The Skiver: I've wanted to see you, Zero... I wanted to ask you something... My thoughts always come back to the Colonel. I wanted to ask you if the battle between you two was necessary. I'm not accusing you, I just want to know, that's all. I've already been infected by the Virus... I'm destined to be retired by you once I become a Maverick, so go ahead, take me down... I want to fight you for the Colonel... That's what the Colonel would want.

Zero: I understand... But I'll fight you only because this is my mission. Now... let's do it!

The Skiver: Zero! I didn't want to see you in a situation such as this... Soon the Virus will take full control of me... When that happens, you'll have to retire me. So... Fight me now, Maverick Hunter... I want to fight you for the Colonel... And that's what the Colonel would want.

Zero: I understand... But I'll fight you only because it is my mission... Here I come!

The Skiver: Iris, who is this guy? Please... ...tell me, Iris. Who is this guy?

Zero: Skiver... You've become one of the Mavericks too...? Iris is gone... I'm...



Production Notes

Developer Comments
This is our second shot in the fantasy series. In the previous game, X4, we went for a dragon motif, but as a rule for the X series bosses, fantasy types are not existent creatures, so if it's hard to figure out, it becomes unavailable. Well, I broke that rule again this time. (grin) His attack method was easy to imagine and he looked cool, so I decided on him fairly quickly. The fact that his attack method resembles Eagleed's is because I was heavily influenced by Cyber Mission, which I was making at the same time, so I tried making them similar on purpose.[2][3]

Designer Comments
He's a soldier, so he's in uniform (as is). I like him rather a bit, but I'd still like to rework the wings. When I was drawing this, I was listening to the theme to Captain Tsubasa over and over. [Captain Tsubasa is a classic soccer manga/anime.] Thus we have the wings (tsubasa) link.... I don't know if he'll make the best use of them or not.[2][3]


  • Based on his words to Zero (if the Eurasia crashed and he is encountered), Skiver apparently knew Iris once (most likely through Colonel). Whatever sort of relationship they may have had then is largely unknown.
  • Spiral Pegasus makes a cameo appearance in the Rockman Zero manga.
  • The Skiver is the second Maverick based on a mythological fantasy creature, the first being Magma Dragoon from Mega Man X4.
  • Right at the beginning of the first inner area in the Skiver's stage, there are several Eagle Ride Armors in the background.