"I've already been infected by the Virus... I'm destined to be retired by you once I become a Maverick, so go ahead, take me down..."
―The Skiver, Mega Man X5

The Skiver (スパイラルペガシオン Supairaru Pegashion, Spiral Pegacion in Japan) is a Repliforce Reploid left over from Mega Man X4, who soon succumbed to the Sigma Virus. He was apparently friends with Colonel as he questions Zero, if used at the time, as to why he killed him. Skiver guards the Orbiter Wing for the Shuttle, and he flies about and throws Wing Spiral. But he freezes in Dark Hold, so use this to your advantage. It's recommended that you use Zero for this battle, as Zero can still perform his other skills (that do not require WE) when using Dark Hold, unlike X, who is only limited to buster shots when the weapon is in effect.


Nickname: Air Force Prince (エアフォースプリンス)

Stage enemies

Enemies in The Skiver's stage:


  • In the American version, The Skiver was named after Guns N' Roses collaborator Michael "High in the Sky" Monroe.
  • Spiral Pegacion makes a cameo appearance in the Rockman Zero manga.
  • The Skiver is the second Maverick based on a mythological or fantasy creature, being based on a pegasus.

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