"This weapon emits a water laser. Fire consecutive shots to increase range."
Alia, describing X's Splash Laser, Mega Man X7

Splash Laser (スプラッシュレーザー Supurasshu Rēzā) is the Special Weapon X and Axl earn upon victory over Splash Warfly in Mega Man X7. It is a beam of water; charged up, it's a spray of super-powerful bubbles. Uncharged shots are subject to gravity, though each subsequent shot has a higher velocity and thus a longer arc, topping out at the third shot before resetting. The damage it gives off is high to all bosses and the duration, along with the short invulnerability times of said bosses, is beneficial, as it can decimate bosses without even using all of the energy. When accounting for damage, Splash Laser's Charged variant is the single-most powerful weapon that the player receive from a Maverick in the Mega Man X series.

This weapon is Flame Hyenard's weakness, and it's also useful against Sigma's second form.


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  • Unusually, the color scheme when X equips this weapon is very similar to his standard color scheme.
  • Splash Laser is the only water-elemental weapon used by Axl in his appearances in the Mega Man X series.

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