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[[Category:Mega Man & Bass items]]
[[Category:Mega Man & Bass items]]
[[Category:Barricade-breaking weapons]]
[[Category:Barricade-breaking weapons]]
[[Category:Earth/Crystal/Earth-Mover Weapons]]

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Spread Drill (スプレッドドリル Supureddo Doriru) is Ground Man's Special Weapon from Mega Man & Bass. When equipped, the user shoots out a big drill missile, which upon pressing the FIRE Button again, will split into two smaller drills. When the player presses the FIRE button again, the two drills can then be split again into two smaller drills each for a total of four small drills. If the first drill is not split by the user, it will slowly fall down after a while, but the other drills move straight forward. Certain blocks can be destroyed with this weapon.

Spread Drill is Tengu Man's weakness.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man & Bass.

SpreadDrillIcon.png Spread Drill MMB-SpreadDrill-Bass-Icon.png
Boss Damage
Green Devil 6:2:1
Cold Man 1:1:1
Burner Man 1:1:1
Pirate Man 1:1:1
Ground Man 0:0:0
Tengu Man 6:4:3
Magic Man 2:1:1
Astro Man 1:0:0
Dynamo Man 1:1:0
Atetemino Proto 1:1:1
King 1:1:1
Jet King Robo 0:0:0
Wily Machine 1:1:1
Wily Capsule 1:1:1
  • For Spread Drill, the first number is damage inflicted with the big drill; the second number is with the smaller drills; third number is with the tiny drills.


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