Sprinklan (スプリンクラン) is an enemy from Mega Man 10 that has the appearance of a Gabyoall, and the behavior of a Springer. It surveys floors and will rush at the player (however, it will not if playing on Easy difficulty). If hit by either a shot or by collision with the player, its head will spring up and fire energy shots wildly. It appears in Blade Man and Strike Man's stages, as well as Wily Castle stages 2 and 3 (on Hard Mode, it also appears in Dr. Wily stage 1). It can be destroyed from the shockwave of a Commando Bomb or with a single shot from the Chill Spike; the bomb also serves as Blade Man's weakness.

Buster Only Strategy

The player should always try to maneuver to the side of the Sprinklan that is moving away from the character and the player will be able to run up on its tail with relative ease. If there is a ladder, the player should use it to jump over the Sprinklan. If it is necessary to get close to the edge of a platform, the player should keep a small distance (two blocks worth of space) from the Sprinklan and let Sprinklan zoom under. They should make haste and attack, because the Sprinklan will come back to make a second pass.

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