Spy Larue E (スパイ ラリューE) is the sub boss from Mega Man Zero 4 that appears in Pegasolta Eclair's stage. Spy Larue E is an electric type Spy Larue.


Spy Larue E is the easier of the Spy Larues to defeat. It attacks by firing its tail lasers, sometimes four at a time. It can also swoop down and grab Zero with its talons. If this is successful, it will grab Zero and slam him on the ground. This does moderate damage, but can be halted if enough damage is done to it. It can also fire electric spheres which release electric lines vertically and at different points.

Ice attacks are quite useful against it, especially Ice Javelin, as it can hit multiple times and has a high damage output. Even Ice Blade can be used against it, and is recommended to stop its grab attack as it does massive damage to it.


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