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Spy Larue F (スパイ ラリューF) appears in Heat Genblem's stage in Mega Man Zero 4 as a sub-boss. It is a fire type Spy Larue.


Spy Larue F is one of the harder Spy Larues and possibly one of the harder sub-bosses from the game overall, mostly because its weaknesses are not very useful to take it on at all. Thunder Stab is not recommended due to Spy Larue F hardly ever being in range, and even when in range, will have the risk of the player getting hit. While Tractor Shot and Time Stopper seem like good choices, they do very little damage to the sub-boss and Spy Larue F has no absorbable projectiles, thus Tractor Shot is useless. The only viable weapons to use against it are the charged Buster Shot and Z-Saber.

It attacks the same way as the other members, having a tail laser and a grab attack. However, its most dangerous attack is creating an incendiary whirlwind. This attack is hard to avoid, but the player can stay from harm by staying away from it as far and as quickly as possible.


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