Standard Chips are Battle Chips used by namely everybody in the Battle Network World who owns a Netnavi. The player equips Battle Chips into a Folder. During the battle, a number of chips will be drawn and the player can couple chips together to give the Navi they control (players may control someone else besides MegaMan at times) weapons that each can only be used once until the next battle, where the Folder refreshes.

In the Anime

In the anime, Netnavis have standard combat abilities, but mostly limited to their hands (normally Busters, but some Navis have special abilities) until the Op slots in a Battle Chip. All chips are treated as Standard Chips, as the anime does not have a chip that "freezes time", so be exact, and the few Giga Chips included do not stop time. Mega Chips weren't used at all. Some chips were renamed, like Flame Tower to Fire Tower, and Cannon to Laser Blast.

Common Battle Chips

Note: These count all the chips of a particular series. E.g. AirShot includes Airshot1-3. Additionally, chips with series numbers have their numbers left out.

  • Cannon
  • AirShot
  • Sword
  • WideSword
  • LongSword
  • AreaGrab
  • Atk+
  • FireHit
  • Guard
  • ShokWve (ShockWave)
  • Tank Cannon
  • Invisible
  • Barrier
  • YoYo
  • Tornado
  • ZapRing
  • HeatShot
  • Bubbler
  • Boomerang
  • HeroSword
  • StepSword
  • StepCross
  • SuperVulcan
  • ElementalSword (FireSword + AquaSword + BambooSword + ElecSword)
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