Star Force, known as Star Break (スターブレイク) in the anime, is a transformation introduced in Mega Man Star Force. This transformation is granted by the Satellite Admins: Pegasus Magic, Leo Kingdom, or Dragon Sky, depending on the version played. All three can be obtained in one game by having Brothers from all three versions.

In the Games

After a certain point in the plot, the game's Star Force transformation is treated as a Brother card, and can be invoked once it appears in the custom screen. Invoking the Star Force allows for Mega Man to select cards in the same row, and also countering an enemy will result in Mega Man drawing his Star Force Big Bang (SFB), a Giga card that can deal impressive damage.

Each Star Force has its own element, and using the Star Force will change Mega Man's Charge Shot and properties. Getting hit by the Star Force's weakness will knock MegaMan out of the Star Force transformation. Brother cards from real-life Brothers playing other versions can also invoke the Star Force of that version.

Ice Pegasus

MegaMan IcePegasus

Ice Pegasus

  • Aqua element
  • Weak to Elec attacks
  • Side Select
  • Charge Shot: Ice Slash
  • SFB: Magician's Freeze

Fire Leo

MegaMan FireLeo

Fire Leo

  • Fire element
  • Weak to Aqua attacks
  • Side Select
  • Charge Shot: Flame Burner
  • SFB: Atomic Blazer

Green Dragon

MegaMan GreenDragon

Green Dragon

  • Wood element
  • Weak to Fire attacks
  • Side Select
  • Status Guard
  • Charge Shot: Woody Shot
  • Recovery on Grass Panels
  • SFB: Elemental Cyclone

In the Anime

In the anime, Geo Stelar is given the Star Break ability in the form of three Battle Cards given to him by the Satellite Admins. Throughout the first season, he often picks Star Break forms best suited to certain situations or cycles through all three transformations in the same battle.

The cards are lost when the Satellite Admins use the cards to combat Andromeda, and are killed in the process.



  • In the anime, Geo's Transer is blue and has Pegasus' logo on it, signifying that he belongs to the Pegasus satellite. However, the shade of blue; matches Omega-Xis more than Pegasus.

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