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Star Force Big Bang (スターフォースビッグバン), shortened as SFB, is a special attack that can be used in Mega Man Star Force when Mega Man pulls off a counter in battle while in a Star Break form. The big bang appears in the form of an usable Battle Card - as with other cards gained through countering - with the Star Force insignia on it. It is used like a regular, screen-dimming Battle Card.

Star Force Big Bang is the predecessor to both Link Force Big Bang and Noise Force Big Bang.

Magician's Freeze

MegaMan IcePegasus

Ice Pegasus

Magician's Freeze (マジシャンズフリーズ "Mag'sFreez‎") is the SFB of the Ice Pegasus Star Break. Mega Man freezes enemies on the far 3x3 area.

Magician's Freeze is the only Star Force Big Bang that is not reused as a Noise Force Big Bang in the third game.

Star Break: Ice Pegasus
Attack: 250
Element: BC Element Aqua Aqua

Atomic Blazer

MegaMan FireLeo

Fire Leo

Atomic Blazer (アトミックブレイザー "AtomcBlazr‎") is the SFB of the Fire Leo Star Break. Mega Man charges up energy and then fires it at the enemy, hitting everything on his current column and the columns next to it.

Atomic Blazer also appears in Mega Man Star Force 3 as a Noise Force Big Bang.

Star Break: Fire Leo
Attack: 300
Element: BC Element Heat Fire

Elemental Cyclone

MegaMan GreenDragon

Green Dragon

Elemental Cyclone (エレメンタルサイクロン "ElemCyclne‎") is the SFB of the Green Dragon Star Break. Mega Man spins around, creating a cyclone of leaves. He then moves down his current column, passing through enemies and hitting anything in his current column and the adjacent columns thrice. Also appears in Mega Man Star Force 3 as a Noise Force Big Bang.

Star Break: Green Dragon
Attack: 100 (x3)
Element: BC Element Wood Wood

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